Dinner at Hang Heung 2

We love Hang Heung so much that when our friends came to Hong Kong we had to eat there again. And since there were 7 of us we were able to order more food. Needless to say everything was yummy.

combination of roasted goose
& honeyed barbecued pork HK$78

This giant pot of congee is the house specialty and contains abalone, scallops, kidney and fish.

hang heung’s special congee HK$168

You can’t eat congee without dunking these crispy fritters in your congee and wait for a few seconds then eating them exactly when it’s a bit crisp and a bit soggy.

deep fried crispy dough HK$13


fried fish w/ mango sauce


kailan w/ oyster sauce


house special baby pigeon HK$45@


spare ribs w/ pumpkin & taro hot pot HK$65

fried rice w/ shrimp, scallop & egg white HK$68

Hang Heung’s Kitchen (branch closed)
18-24 Salisbury Road
Shop 303, 3/F New World Centre
Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: 2366-8628

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