Best Gelato at Cara Mia Gelateria

I attended the blessing of Cara Mia’s branch in Greenhills. Cara Mia is part of Amici restaurant.

I dragged Rochelle and Chris to accompany me. The minute we sat down they brought food from Amici to our table. They served 2 kinds of pasta and pizza. Our hands down favorite was the spaghetti in olive oil and garlic. It was mouth-watering good! The touch of red pepper flakes and anchovies gave the dish just the right amount of kick and flavor. You MUST order this when you go to Amici.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino
mildly spiced pasta in garlic
& olive oil w/ anchovies

Lasagna Al Forno
baked pasta layered with meat sauce
& assorted cheeses

Pizza Tutta Carne
Italian sausage, ham & pepperoni

We also loved the sardine pizza. It was unique and healthier than an all meat pizza.

Pizza Sardinella Marinara
tawilis fillets over pickled veggies, olives & capers

Now to the main event. The gelato was really dressed up for this special event. The display looked tantalizing.

Cara Mia has eighteen delectable flavors of gelati -Pistachio, Sans Rival, Strawberry Supreme, Cioccolato, Straciatella, Mint with Chocoalate, Espresso, Choco with Nuts, Blueberry Supreme, Nocciola (Hazelnut), Guianduia (Choco Hazelnut), Vanilla, Mango Classic, Mango Jubilee, Ube, Macapuno, Pineapple, and Banana.

We tried all the flavors! I told the server to give me mini scoops of gelato on the waffle cup. We all had our own favorites. The chocolate and strawberry were very good. The chocolate had a deep, rich chocolate flavor. The sans rival was also good but it was too sweet. If they adjust the sweetness it will surely be a big hit.

Rochelle liked the pistachio while Chris liked the espresso.

A first in Manila are these gelato cakes. They are a perfect alternative to bringing birthday cakes to a party. If you’re not sure which cake to buy you can order a single serving of their gelato cakes to try. They serve it in a big paper cup.

Choco Tartufo
I’ve tried the banana blast which is made up of chocolate, strawberry and banana gelatos. It tasted like a banana split. Very yummy.

Banana Blast

Merry Berries

Mango Sans Rival
Rochelle liked the spumoni because it has pistachio, blueberry and vanilla gelato. (not sure if these are the correct flavors)

Spumoni Surprise

Choco Sans Rival

I’m a happy camper

Cara Mia also has different gelato based desserts like the affogato which is a scoop of gelato on a bed of soaked ladyfingers served with a shot of espresso coffee. They have six affogato varieties—Tiramisu Twist, Black Forest Spell, Berries Delight, Noccioloa Blend, Tropical Mix, and Choco Banana.

If you want to drink your gelato instead go for the gelato shakes—Mud Slide, Pine-Mango, Banana Strawberry, and Coffee Java.

With all these choices there’s no reason not go back to Cara Mia over and over again until you’ve tried all the flavors and gelato concoctions.

New gelato
Cara mia Gelato menu
(click to enlarge)
Cara Mia Gelateria
101 Missouri Square,
Connecticut corner Missouri Streets,
Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 724-4206

5 thoughts on “Best Gelato at Cara Mia Gelateria

  1. Another great post !I have been following your website for a month now and I was especially interested in your trip to Western Australia. I’m Australian but I have never been to W.A. I might go now because of you !I’m moving to Manila in 4 weeks and I wanted to know the best places to eat and your website has been very informative.Thanks for all your efforts !  😀


  2. Tony, thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy your stay in Manila. There’s really a lot of good places to eat here and it’s totally different from Australia which has fantastic food too.


  3. Hi Leslie,Do you mind including a link of our Cara Mia website to your post. Our website is http://www.caramia.phI didn’t meet you the last time but we will be hosting a food review soon for our new gelato and gelato cake flavors. We’ll keep you posted.Many thanks.Philip


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