Miss Fitrum – Nikko Santos

I love youtube. It brings us precious moments like this that can’t be missed. Miss Nikko Santos you now join the elite group of Melanie Marquez, Janina San Miguel and Alyssa Milano as Filipino stars of youtube. Thank you for bringing us such joy and shame. Watch and laugh. Thanks to Elisa for sharing this!

Nikko Santos

Janina San Miguel

Alyssa Milano

So who do you think is the winner?

5 thoughts on “Miss Fitrum – Nikko Santos

  1. uhmm, since when did the inability to speak a foreign language fluently become shameful? it’s ironic that most Filipinos will laugh at her for this attempt while most Americans won’t.


  2. You found joy from other people’s shame? You’re wiered. And you should check your own “About Me” i just found some grammar issues in it too. Take care… beam me up scottie!!!


  3. I admire her for trying. Her confidence is disarming. My pet peeve is the use of english in pageant interview. Fluency in this language is not a measure of intelligence. How many Miss Venezuela winners of Miss Universe title have you heard speak english during interview at the time of competition? There have been 5 and none of them spoke english. They went back to Venezuela and have successful careers without mastering the english language.I bet you if i turn around and interview the audience, who were squirming at Nikko’s english, in this foreign language…9 out of 10 will have the same problem. Foreign language is something to be practised everyday, every minute and every second to have a decent command of it.I speak spanish but not at the fluency level of Spaniards. Yet, they appreciate my effort. I’m sure, as hell, that my spanish sounds like this.


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