Best Sans Rival in Manila

Updated: July 11, 2014 (all prices have been updated too)

I wrote this post in  2009 and never found the need to amend it until now. I’ve tried Delize’s Pistachio Sans Rival before and wasn’t impressed.  A couple of weeks ago my friend brought it to a party and I fell head over heels in sans rival love. 

Jill Sandique's Delize Pistachio Sansrival P1,300

Jill’s sans rival has light as air super crunchy meringue with thinly spread buttercream in between layers. You should hear the sound when I cut it. It just proves that you have to give food and restaurants a second chance.  Of all the sans rivals I’ve tried this has the best balance between meringue and buttercream. This is now my #1 sans rival. A week after the party I ordered a whole one and kept the leftovers in the freezer for when the urge to eat sans rival strikes. 

1. Delize by Jill Sandique – Pistachio Sans Rival P1,300
No. 33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao Q.C.
Telephone: 721-7022, 497-8811 (look for Lea)
Mobile: 0922-8262673

Jill Sandique's Delize Pistachio Sansrival P1,300-001
Delize Pistachio Sansrival P1,300


Sans rival, without rival in English, is a uniquely Filipino dessert made of crunchy meringue, cashew nuts and rich buttercream. It’s a mainstay in almost all bakeshops and home bakeries.
Many people ask me who sells the best sans rival in Manila? That’s a really hard question to answer because I’ve tried a lot of good ones and some awful.
What makes a good sans rival? For me the most important factor is a very crisp meringue layer. This is the make it or break it point in all sans rivals. Next is the type of butter used and the texture of the buttercream. Margarine or low quality butter is definitely a no-no. I like the buttercream to be thin and light. Last is the quantity of nuts. I like a generous quantity of nuts on my sans rival.
These are my top four to date.  I’m sure there are many more out there that are good. I want to try Jill Sandique’s pistaschio sans rival and Classic Confection’s mocha sans rival.
2. Gay Vasquez’s sans rival
35 Firefly St. Unit 3b Villa de Corazon, Valle Verde 6, Pasig City
telephone: 631-0125
Cashew P800
Macadamia P1,000
Gay Vasquez Macadamia Sans Rival P1,000
I first tried Gay’s sans rival at a children’s party. It was a perfect combination of crunchy and firm meringue, plenty of cashew nuts and a light delicious buttercream. I immediately asked Jenny for the phone number of the supplier. She later told me many people asked her for the same information. The price is also very reasonable. Since then I’ve brought this sans rival to numerous parties and everyone loved it.
Just call 1 day before and order your sans rival. Pick up only.
3. Betty’s Sans Rival
101 M. Cuenco cor. Biak na Bato St., Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
telelephone: 712-1752
Large 9″ x 13″ – P955
Medium 6.5″ x 9″ – P485
Small 6.5″ x 4.5″ – P260
Betty’s Cashew Sans Rival
As it says on the box, Betty’s sans rival has been around since 1958. Shockingly I only tried it last September when Janet brought it to my birthday party. The meringue was thick and super crunchy. It doesn’t even crumble when you slice it. My only problem with Betty’s is accessibility. It’s quite far from me.
4. Sugarhouse’s Almond Sans Rival
Ground Flr. V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center
telephone: 584-9482
8″ – P950
Sugarhouse Almond Sans Rival

For commercial chain bakeshops, Sugarhouse has the best almond sans rival. The meringue is thin, crunchy and crumbly. The buttercream is very light and the almond slices are very generous. When in a bind and no time to order this is what I buy.

12 thoughts on “Best Sans Rival in Manila

  1. i agree with your choices! i love love love the almond sans rival of sugar house this is my once-in-a-while guilty indulgence + gay vasquez’ macadamia sans rival which is actually worth the price!!fran


  2. I want to surprise my boyfriend and deliver Sansrival (his favorite) cake on his birthday this January… We are from Bacolod but he will be celebrating his birthday with his family in Manila that’s why i’ve been surfing the net for the best Sansrival in Manila. And I want to match it up with balloons and a teddy. hmm. Any suggestions of what store/merchandise can help me with this please? Thanks.


  3. the best sans rival that i tasted is the one in the market of betis pampanga. it was served by mrs. panlilio when we went to their farm (mahogany farm) 3 years ago.


  4. never a fan of this coz it’s too sweet. i tried mango sans rival from kitchen’s best 2 weeks ago. it was okay but then when the buttercream starts to melt, became uber sweet na


  5. I was researching different Sans rival recipes, when I found out it’s actually categorized under Dacquoise cakes 😀 In my opinion, the cashew-variety type of Sans Rival can be safely called “gawang pinoy” 😉 Though the almond and hazelnut-varieties were often used in France for their Japonais in Dacquoise Cakes. An example would be Marjolaine, the same one available at Red Ribbon.


  6. There was an “Imeldas” sansrival in front of the Santo Domingo Church before I dont know where they transferred? their sansriv was to die for also…


  7. Leslie!! There’s one in Laguna ata or Cavite.. Basta somehwere in the south!
    I super love it!! I’ll get back to you when I remember it again! Hahahaha…

    Love, didi


  8. i DISCOVERED THE SANS RIVAL OF PRIMABLEND BAKESHOP IN SAN MATEO,RIZAL AND ITS so delicous. much better than the sansrival they served in classy bakeshops in metromanila….its moist,creamy and insanely delicious..


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