Cafe de Coral

Shanghai Spareribs
After lunch at Bambu at the Venetian Hotel Macao, we took the ferry back to Hong Kong. We wanted to have a light dinner after the heavy buffet from lunch. We decided on Cafe de Coral where the food is cheap and good. I already featured Cafe de Coral before but the nice thing about this chain is they keep changing their menu every season. Last December these were their specials.

Cafe de Coral
Cafe de Coral menu
Cafe de Coral-1

Cafe de Coral-2

The soup was the main feature here. It was very flavorful and perfect for the cool weather. The chicken was similar to Hainanese chicken. It was tender and quite tasty.
Chicken in Broth w/ garlic and minced pork
deep boiled soup w/ chicken in broth with garlic &
minced pork HK$40

Cafe de Coral-4

I ordered the spareribs and I loved it. It was more like a piece of porkchop sliced into pieces. It was well spiced and very soft. I actually wanted to eat it again before we left Hong Kong but there too many other restaurants to try for me to have a repeat meal. I had my favorite hot milk tea with my meal. It’s the best milk tea ever. I’ve tried so many places in Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore and so far Cafe de Coral is the one for me. It had a strong tea flavor which didn’t get diluted with the milk. Most milk teas elsewhere taste mostly like milk with a faint hint of tea.
Cafe de Coral-5
Shanghai spareribs w/ vegetable rice,
cold vegetable salad & drink HK$34

I forgot what this was called. Just enjoy the pictures.
cafe de coral

cafe de coral-1

cafe de coral-2

3 thoughts on “Cafe de Coral

  1. looks good!!  cafe de coral seems to have revamped its menu and dishes for the better.  i haven’t eaten here in years.  last time i was there, i remember a really noisy fast food with lots of people sharing tables and eating ‘chinese style’ (with one feet raised on the chair).  maybe it’s about time i went back  🙂


  2. Yup it’s time for you give it another try. They’ve renovated their restaurants so it’s not conducive to ‘Chinese Style’ eating anymore. It feels like a modern cafe rather than a fast food.


  3. hong kong milk tea is the best! i also go to cafe de coral for a quick fix since it’s everywhere. if you want something creamier with the same strong tea flavor, try the one in tai hing. one of the best! 🙂


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