Over the top lunch at Century Seafood restaurant

garlic peanuts

One unassuming Sunday we drove all the way to Malate for lunch at Century Seafood restaurant. I thought it was going to be an ordinary lunch until the food came out.

The Hainanese chicken was one of the best I’ve tried in Manila. The chicken was tender, juicy and slightly salty.
hainanese chicken
Hainanese chicken P800

sauces for the chicken

This is when the over-the-top food begins. For a more detailed description and pictures of this soup click here.
buddha jump over the wall soup
buddha jump over the wall soup P1,000/bowl

These US scallops were huge!
US scallops P600/pc

Really huge!
giant scallops

Yep it was really that big. I managed to eat 1/2 only. Even though the scallops were gigantic it was succulent and delicious. By this time most of us were unbuttoning our pants.
giant scallop

abalone w/ sea cucumber

hot prawn & chicken salad
hot prawn & chicken salad

Taiwan pechay
Taiwan pechay

The fried beef brisket reminded me of the beef on top of beef noodle soup except this was ten times more scrumptious.
stewed beef
deep fried beef brisket P500

What more food and it’s rice? Are you kidding? We were all groaning in pain by then. We tasted a spoonful each of the to-die-for crab and Chinese sausage or lap cheong rice. The crab meat plus the drippings from the fragrant sausage made it an extraordinary rice casserole.
crab and Chinese sausage rice
crab and Chinese sausage rice P2,000

Thank goodness for a simple ending of masachi. Everyone declared this to be the best Sunday lunch ever. After that we all rolled ourselves to the car. Burp.


The Century Seafood Restaurant
Ground Floor Century Park Hotel
Pablo Ocampo St. corner M. Adriatico St.
Malate, Manila
telephone: 524-1821 to 27

8 thoughts on “Over the top lunch at Century Seafood restaurant

  1. i grew up eating at century seafood and noticed during my visit this year that their menu changed a lot! i only got to try 2 of the dishes you talked about here! can’t wait for my next visit to try the rest! i glanced at the list of all your posts and you have an extensive list of eateries around there! can’t wait to learn about the lesser known, hole-in-the-wall, but good ones! keep it up!www.cheeksandchubs.wordpress.com


  2. thanks for this review! i found it by doing a google search on the restaurant… i live in canada but will be having a wedding reception there next yr so your review really helped! 🙂


  3. wow. the food looked great. I was shocked by the price of the scallops. I counted the scallops and whoa, that plate cost >6000php. @_@ Im craving for Chinese food now. Yum. Btw, I love your site and your reviews as well. 😀


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