Dessert at Yoh-gurt Froz

plain w/ mangoes & strawberries
After the very unsatisfying and disappointing desserts we had at Romulo Cafe we found an urgent need to cleanse our palate with something cool, refreshing and not fattening. Is there such a thing? The answer is a big YES! We found the solution in Yoh-gurt Froz with their non-fat frozen yogurts. Luckily they had a branch just around the corner from Romulo Cafe.

yoh-gurt froz

yoh-gurt froz-1

yoh-gurt froz-2

I thought Yoh-gurt Froz was just your run of the mill frozen yogurt place just like so many that have sprouted in Manila. What sets them apart are their yogurt varieties. They have non-tangy or tangy frozen yogurt.

From their website:  
The Yoh-gurt Froz Original frozen yogurt is 100% non-fat, low in calories, and contains no table sugar. It is non-tangy, and tastes like ice cream, yet without the guilt — you won’t believe it’s yogurt!

yoh-gurt froz-4

yoh-gurt froz-6

If you choose the original yogurt you can choose the mix-ins and they will use the yellow machine on the bottom left to blend it in the yogurt. This is what I want to try next time.
yoh-gurt froz-8
blending machine

The Classic Fro-yo is a 98% fat-free soft-serve frozen yogurt with the classic tart/tangy flavor of yogurt. It is smooth, and creamy, with a refreshingly delicious taste, and is enjoyed with a vast selection of fresh fruit or dry and fun top-ins. You just can’t get enough of it! It is truly a guilt-free indulgence!

yoh-gurt froz-5

yoh-gurt froz-3

yoh-gurt froz-7
fruit and dry toppings

yoh-gurt froz-9

We all had the classic frozen yogurt which was tangy but just the right amount. It wasn’t too sour, it was just perfect for me. Jane is a purist and always eats plain froyo (frozen yogurt).
plain yogurt
classic plain frozen yogurt P80

I on the other hand always go for flavored frozen yogurt without any toppings. I liked their strawberry froyo. It had a mild and pleasant strawberry flavor that wasn’t too sweet.
 strawberry yogurt
classic strawberry frozen yogurt P80

Mila went full blast with her froyo. She chose mangoes and strawberries to top her froyo. We all enjoyed our sweet treats. It was the perfect ending to our dinner and it definitely wiped out all the bad memories of the desserts we had at Romulo Cafe.
plain w/ mangoes & strawberries
classic plain w/ mangoes & strawberries P120

Yoh-gurt Froz
Thompson’s Square,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
(in front of Tempura and Office Warehouse)

other branches

2 thoughts on “Dessert at Yoh-gurt Froz

  1. Thank you, Leslie, for your review of Yoh-gurt Froz! We’re happy you liked it! We currently have 14 branches, the newest of which just opened at Rustan’s Makati and ABS-CBN’s the Loop. Watch out also for our opening soon at Marquee Mall. Thanks again, hope Yoh-gurt Froz continues to bring you healthy satisfaction! 🙂


  2. Hi, Leslie! We’re so glad you guys enjoyed your Yoh-gurt Froz experience, and hope you continue to visit all our other branches and check out our new offerings and promos! We know we’re months late, but we’ll be linking your post on our FB page (, so check it out!  🙂


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