My Favorites!

Recently my friend Eric whom I haven’t seen in a long time and who just found out I have a blog asked me what my favorite Persian restaurant, siopao, chocolate cake, etc were. That got me thinking and now I’m sharing them with you. These are my personal favorites. You may or may not agree so no hate mail please 🙂

These are for places in Manila. I will update this list as I discover more places and products. I’ll put a permanent link on the right of the page.

Favorite Chinese restaurant – Choi Garden
Choi’s lobster in superior sauce

Favorite Italian restaurant – C’ Italian Dining (high end) and Amici (low end)
risotto Kristina
C’s risotto kristina

Favorite Filipino restaurant – Kanin Club
Favorite French restaurant –  Aubergine
Favorite Japanese restaurant – Inagiku
Favorite Korean restaurant – Yedang
Favorite Persian restaurant – Arya
Favorite Spanish restaurant – El Cirkulo
Favorite Thai restaurant – it’s a tie between AzuThai and Benjarong
Favorite restaurant – Antonio’s 
grilled beef fillet, gratinated w/ wild mushroom, mashed potato
Antonio’s grilled beef fillet, gratinated w/ wild mushroom, mashed potato

Favorite Hot Pot place – Choi Garden 
Favorite chocolate cake – Nono’s Oblivion from Classic Confections
Favorite siopao – Emerald Garden’s taipao
Emerald Garden's taipao
Emerald Garden’s giant taipao

Favorite burger – hands down it’s Chili’s burgers
mushroom swiss burger
Chili’s mushroom swiss burger

Favorite pizza – La Nuova, California Pizza Kitchen (really!)
La Nuova Pasterleria - 11
La Nuova’s maremmana rustica – onions, Italian sausage

La Nuova Pasterleria - 13
La Nuova’s pizza due gusti – chorizo, spinach and mushroom

Favorite potato chips – Red Rock Deli sour cream & chili potato chips

Favorite dessert (take home)  – Arny ♥ Dading’s Peachy Peachy
Favorite chocolate dessert – Bizu’s chocolate souffle
chocolate souffle
Bizu’s chocolate souffle

Favorite leche flan – Estrel’s 
 Favorite apple pie – Sugarhouse’s French apple pie

Sugarhouse’s French apple pie

Favorite sans rival – Gay Vasquez’s sans rival
Favorite taho – Tofu store
Favorite condiment – Becky’s Kitchen’s crunchy chili garlic, Alavar’s bagoong gata

Favorite Peking duck – Peking Garden
Favorite soup – Cicou’s prawn bisque w/ sea urchin flan, Century Seafood’s buddha jumps over the wall soup
buddha jump over the wall soup
Century Seafood’s buddha jumps over the wall soup

Favorite foie gras – Je Suis Gourmand
Je Suis Gourmand_01
Je Suis Gourmand’s foie gras salad

That’s all I can think of for now. If you have any questions on my other favorites that I forgot to put or any suggestions on food or restaurants I should try just give me a shout out on the comment box below.

16 thoughts on “My Favorites!

  1. CPK? Really? How about the Maremana Rustica of La Nouva?  With sweet onions and italian sausage tasting exactly how Italian Village does their pizza back in the days when they don’t scrimp on toppings! That is the BEST!!!Oh my, am in the office and hungry….. hate your blog! 😉


  2. Hmm I like Roshan’s lemon torte better than the crepe cake but believe or not I couldn’t find a pic of it in my posts.


  3. So so lang lemon torte kasi you dont crave another slice after having one unlike the crepes and its good with coffee too! lemon torte good also but dapat with water hahaha 😉  am so hungry….help me…….


  4. Ay judgmental fools sila hahaha you know the kind. Di natin sila friends! After your entry, who doesn’t want to eat???


  5. how about best halo-halo…  best caesar salad…  best california maki…  best hole-in-the-wall turo turo place…  best hotel buffet spread…  best ice cream (in the grocery or at a resto)…  best gelato and frozen yogurt…  best brewed coffee…  best airplane food…  best fast food resto…  best fried chicken…  best french fries…  best bibingka…  best iced tea… 


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