Dinner at Borough, The Podium Mall

BBQ pulled pork sandwich
I still have a lot reviews from restaurants in the US, Hong Kong and Manila but I had to share the restaurant we ate in yesterday because it was a very good discovery. 

Chris wanted to treat us for her birthday and she asked me if I could suggest a place. I just saw the review of Borough on Our Awesome Planet a few days before and it caught my interest.
Borough at the Podium_01

Borough is named after the five boroughs in New York – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. Borough the restaurant brings New York’s comfort food 24 hours, 7 days a week to the residents of Manila.
Borough at the Podium_02

Borough at the Podium_03

The Elvis sandwich was surprisingly listed under appetizers. I would have thought fried peanut butter and banana sandwich would be under the all day breakfast category. We all enjoyed it though specially with a dab of coconut dulce de leche and sour cream.
the Elvis sandwich
the Elvis sandwich P170
the Elvis sandwich

The chocolate chicken wings had mixed reviews. I personally didn’t like it so much. The flavor of cinnamon with a light hint of chocolate was evident but it was the heat of chili that dominated the taste. I wish it were crisp instead just soft.
chocolate chicken wings
chocolate chicken wings P280

The Caesar salad was quite nice with a light garlicky dressing. The bread on top as called an egg rothko. It was a slice of brioche coated with egg and fried. I wish there was a runny fried egg on top of the bread instead. That would have been more interesting than a French toast.
Rothko Caesar salad
Rothko Caesar salad P200

Rochelle and Elisa had the onion soup. I tried it and loved the thick, gooey layer of salty & nutty Gruyère cheese. They didn’t scrimp on the cheese. The soup was little bit salty though.
French onion soup
French onion soup P200

Yvonne had the tomato soup. She found it a bit sweet. I tried it and found it just right. It was rich and creamy but there was a ‘tin can’ taste from the canned tomatoes used. Too bad since it was one of the better tomato soups I’ve tasted. 
tomato soup
tomato soup P120

Chris & Tisay ordered the popular portobello mushroom sandwich. They both raved about it.
cheese injected portobello pita pocket
cheese injected portobello pita pocket P230

The mushroom was cheesy and fried. We all enjoyed the hot and freshly cooked potato chips that came with it. It was a generous quantity of simply salted potatoes chips with the skin on. Nice touch! 
cheese injected portobello pita pocket

For me the big test of this restaurant was their cheeseburger which at P400 was not exactly cheap. The first thing I asked our server was, “Does the burger contain any eggs or extenders?” She guaranteed me that it was all beef and seasonings only. I simply cannot stand burgers with any extenders as you may know if you’ve read my other reviews of burgers.

I am very happy to report that this burger was all beef and it was seasoned with just salt and pepper. It was awesome! It’s almost as good if not a even a little better than my favorite burger from Chili’s. The beef patty tasted like good steak and it wasn’t greasy. The edges of the cheese were crisp and that gave a good salty crunch to the burger. Even the fries were great!
all beef cheeseburger P400

The biggest surprise was the bbq pulled pork sandwich. I never thought I’d find this in Manila and one that’s even better than the authentic Southern style pulled pork I had in Virginia.
BBQ pulled pork sandwich
BBQ pulled pork sandwich P220

The pork was super tender and the sauce was a strong vinegary, spicy bbq sauce that we all liked. The coleslaw was the perfect addition to tame the heat and sourness of the meat plus it added a much appreciated crunch. 
BBQ pulled pork sandwich

Rochelle ordered the banana amaretto french toast for her main course. Smart girl! It was soooooooo decadent and heavenly. The bread was soaked in a banana custard and topped amaretto caramel flambe. It tasted so buttery and despite all the syrupy liquid drowning the French toast it was surprisingly not too sweet. It was a perfect balance of flavor, texture and all things good. This would work as a dessert for sharing too.
banana amaretto french toast
banana amaretto french toast P300

The server suggested the Mom’s milk and cookies. I think they should change the name to Mom’s cookies and milk. Don’t you think that sounds less awkward?

There were two types of cookies. A toll house type chocolate chip cookie and a spicy ginger cookie. Both were warm, soft and chewy. The milk was sweet and tasted like cream. I later learned that it was a combination of fresh milk and vanilla ice cream. The small bottle of milk came in an ice bucket and we were given small shot glasses that were just right for dunking our mini cookies in. This was truly comfort food.
mom's milk and cookies
mom’s milk and cookies P170

Thanks to Tisay who took this picture. And most of all thanks to Chris for the fabulous dinner and fun evening.

I’m so happy that Borough opened in Podium which is a stone’s throw away from where I work. I’m so happy they serve really good food and dessert. I’m not happy with their service and warm aircon but those things will eventually improve. I hope they maintain the quality of their food and add even more unique products not found in Manila’s restaurants. Thanks Borough, you brought New York closer to us. But did you forget hotdogs and pretzels?
Borough menu front
Borough soft opening menu – front (click to enlarge)
appetizers, soup, salads, mains

Borough menu back
Borough menu – back (click to enlarge)
pasta, sandwiches, all-day breakfast, dessert, sides

Borough Drinks menu
Borough Drinks menu

We went to lunch at Borough to celebrate my office mate, Tina’s birthday. We purposely ordered new things and  I’m happy to report that it was all good.
Sherrie, Tina and Cecylle

The chicken burger was a healthier choice than my favorite cheeseburger. The burger was super tender and juicy. The monterey jack cheese was perfect on the mildly flavored chicken burger. It added just the right saltiness and creaminess. I didn’t really taste the corn salsa and I forgot to look if it’s really under the patty.
chili chicken burger
chili chicken burger P380

The sole was simply fried in browned butter and splashed with lemon juice. Delish!!! With all the veggies, sliced almonds and rice it was a complete and filling entree.
sole amandine
sole amandine P410

The dish that brought a smile to my face was the homemade pumpkin ravioli. Take a bite of the ravioli and you taste sweet pumpkin filling accented by savory basil pesto, fragrant browned butter, toasted pecans and dried cranberries. It was an amazing play of flavors and textures that brought ooohhhs and aaaahhhs to everyone who tried it. This is definitely a must-order!
homemade pumpkin ravioli
homemade pumpkin ravioli P250

One of the owners of Borough was there and he gave us a plate of Brooklyn cheesecake to try. Even though we were groaning from our over filled bellies we tried the baked cheesecake topped with caramel sauce and toasted pecans. Another hit!

There were chunks of cream cheese in the cheesecake and the caramel sauce wasn’t cloyingly sweet but added a depth of almost bitter dark caramel flavor to the cheesecake.  One of the better cheesecakes I’ve tasted in a restaurant.
Brooklyn cheesecake
Brooklyn cheesecake P220

GF, Unit 107A, The Podium Mall,
12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
telephone: 570-8906

7 thoughts on “Dinner at Borough, The Podium Mall

  1. Galing! It is really best to eat in a group so that you can try a lot of the stuff. Thanks for posting this 🙂 it gives me an idea also what to order next ime and if ever we bring a group there.Aidan and Joshua nga would love the Milk and Cookies


  2. This is a very nice review of The Borough. It was my first time there last Friday. I’d love to go back and try other must-orders. I also have to agree with the slow, somehow inattentive service.  Thanks for the tip! 🙂


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