My Last Meal Requests

crispy pata
A criminal due for execution usually gets his last meal request granted. I was about to start my diet for real this time and my wonderful friends granted me my requests with a pot luck dinner.

Upon arrival from Bangkok, Rochelle and I rushed from the airport to Deb’s house to partake of my last meal. My first request was crispy pata (pictured above). Who can resist fried pork knuckles? I eat it all the way to the bone!

I have a new favorite and it’s crispy beef ribs that Janet made. Tender, salty, citrusy, crunchy pieces of beef. So delicious!
crispy beef ribs
crispy beef ribs

My all time favorite kare kare (ox tail stew) is the one that Deb’s cook makes. Others use peanut butter as thickener for a short cut. Her cook does it the old fashioned way with ground rice and ground peanuts. You can really taste the difference in flavor. It’s so good it doesn’t really need bagoong (shrimp paste) at all. The sauce was just heavenly with rice.
kare kare
kare kare (ox tail stew)

These were the veggies that went with the kare kare.
kare kare veggies

Chicken galantina or stuffed chicken is another of Deb’s specialties.
chicken galantina
chicken galantina

Ever since I first tried sisig I was hooked. Elisa brought sisig from Sisig Hooray. Yummy!
Sisig Hooray's sisig

Garlic butter crabs were requested by my other friends. I ate my favorite part, the creamy, fatty bits on the shell. Yes it’s bad for my cholesterol but, hey, it’s my last meal.
garlic butter crabs
garlic butter crab

I was too full to even try the suman or glutinous rice roll cooked in coconut milk. They all raved about it.

But I’m never too full for my favorite queso de bola cheesecake.
queso de bola cheesecake

It’s been 3 months since this meal. I was quite nostalgic writing this entry. I haven’t been near any of these Filipino comfort food for 3 months. Well except for the crab sans butter.

I know it’s weird for a food blogger to be on a diet but somehow I am still able to eat out some and take pictures of what others eat while I look at their food longingly. Anyway one day soon I will be able to eat all these goodies again. You can be sure of that.

Thanks again to Deb and all my wonderful friends who made this dinner possible.

10 thoughts on “My Last Meal Requests

  1. has it been 3 months since you’ve started your diet? i cant wait to see u leslie!! dinner soon with jin? 🙂 promise we’ll eat healthy 😉


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