New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011

New Year's Eve 2011- Fried Beancurd Skin
Happy New Year to everyone!! I want to interrupt my posts about my recent trip to the United States with this post on how my family celebrated New Year’s Eve.

Every year my cousins from my father’s side come to our house for dinner. Last year I had it catered and this year we were back to home cooked meals. I’m very fortunate that my store’s chef used to work in a Chinese restaurant and he cooked most of the dishes.

The first picture on top was one of my favorites from the Chinese restaurant. The filling of the sandwich was crispy bean curd skin stuffed with dried shrimp and other spices. A little hoisin sauce was spread on the bread. I call this dish vegetarian Peking Duck since it reminded me of it with less the guilt.

He also made this delicious fried tofu cubes in a sweet and spicy sauce. It’s yummy hot or cold.
New Year's Eve 2011- Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu

New Year's Eve 2011 - Asian Salad
Asian Salad w/ crispy wonton strips

Everyone loved the sotanghon which I didn’t get to try since I didn’t eat anything last night. I was too busy to enjoy dinner.
New Year's Eve 2011- Sotanghon

My mom bought preserved salted duck and duck liver sausage (lap cheong) in Hong Kong and we used it to make this super fragrant rice dish. This was the dish that tempted me most to eat carbs.
New Year's Eve 2011- Salted Duck & Duck Liver Sausage Rice
Salted Duck & Duck Liver Sausage Rice

My chef’s specialty is lechon kawali that will rival any restaurant in Manila!
New Year's Eve 2011- Lechon Kawali-1
Lechon Kawali

Hmm, where did all the skin go?
New Year's Eve 2011- Baked Salted Chicken-1
Baked Salted Chicken

The only thing I made was the mashed potatoes which all the kids (and adults love). If they only knew how much butter and heavy cream was in it. Well the whole head of roasted garlic was healthy.
New Year's Eve 2011- Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes &  Corn
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Every year I buy a whole slab of prime rib from Santi’s and have them cook it. Two years ago the steak was perfect.
New Year's Eve 2011- Bone In Black Angus Prime Rib from Santi's

Bone In Black Angus Prime Rib from Santi’s

This time I was so disappointed that the beef was overcooked. It was well done already!!!
New Year's Eve 2011- Bone In Black Angus Prime Rib from Santi's-1

New Year's Eve 2011- Garlic Prawns

New Year's Eve 2011- Garlic Prawns-1

New Year's Eve 2011- Garlic Prawns-2
Garlic Prawns

Dessert was simple with a mango gelato cake from Cara Mia and some cookies we baked.
New Year's Eve 2011- Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate Crinkles

New Year's Eve 2011- Revel Bar
Revel Bar

I dedicate this post to all my cousins around the world who couldn’t come home and celebrate with us.

For Jerry and his family from Singapore. The next two pictures are his siblings and their families.
New Year's Eve 2011-15

New Year's Eve 2011-16

For Jerome and Virgil in New Jersey.
New Year's Eve 2011-17

New Year's Eve 2011-18

For Angie, Benjie and Charlie in Taipei.
New Year's Eve 2011-19

For Jim in Singapore.
New Year's Eve 2011-20

Funny but my cousin Sha (mother’s side) and Chinggai (father’s side) are high school batch mates together with my friend. They had a mini hs reunion.
New Year's Eve 2011-21
me, Chris, Sha and Chinggai

The year sure went by fast and it’s another year to start living our lives to the fullest.  For me it means going back to my diet to lose all the weight I gained during my trips to the US and Hong Kong. Have a good beginning to the new year everyone!

Here’s my lunch on January 1, 2012, leftover steak with crunchy garlic and a big salad. Even well done the steak was tender and tasted better with a little salt and lots of garlic.
steak salad

14 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011

  1. hi leslie,look so deliciousssssssss  thanks for those photos din…..will be there with daniel in few months….isipin mo na kung ano ang gusto mong pasalubong…..angie


  2. Thank you for all the efforts in making New Years Eve dinner very special and not to mention so yummy! I am sure amah is smiling up there for keeping the tradition an event that all of us look forward too. Thank you to Sa Chiak and Chima too!


  3. hello, i hope you would be able to share the recipe for the vegetarian pecking duck ! or would be able to sell it in your store !


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