911 Memorial

911 Memorial-1
The highlight of my trip to New York City last November 2011 was a visit to the 911 Memorial.

After lunch at Peter Luger we went straight to the site. We got there 30 minutes before our scheduled time so the females in our group decided to go shopping at Century21.  Going to Century21 on the Saturday after Thanksgiving was just crazy. It was so crowded and I was so confused where to shop first that 30 minutes flew by without me buying anything. My cousins were luckier.
911 Memorial-3

My cousin-in-law booked our passes online a month before our trip. This made our visit quick and easy with no lines or waiting involved.
911 Memorial-5

911 Memorial-6

911 Memorial-8

One World Trade Center, the 105 story skyscraper was taking form.

911 Memorial-9

We just followed the signs to the memorial.
911 Memorial

911 Memorial-10

911 Memorial-11

The 9/11 Memorial Museum wasn’t open to the public then. Once it opens in 2012 I want to go back to see it.
911 Memorial-13

Looking at the waterfalls was a very serene experience.
911 Memorial-14

911 Memorial-15

911 Memorial-16

911 Memorial-17

911 Memorial-18

911 Memorial-20

911 Memorial-21

911 Memorial-22

911 Memorial-23

The last part of our visit was at the 9/11 Memorial Visitor Center.
911 Memorial-24

911 Memorial-25

911 Memorial-26

911 Memorial-27

2 thoughts on “911 Memorial

  1. It was sad yet nice to see this entry of the Memorial.  For I from Hawaii now living in San Francisco and to know someone who did died at the World Trade Center that day.  It was pastry chef Heather Ho from Honolulu.  It was sad for she was to marry soon was there to see in special cake she was making that day when it happened so fast to all.Her late grandfather Chinn Ho was the owner and builder of a few hotels in Waikiki and multi millionaire. In your last entry going to Hong Kong have try the Macao African Chicken and Porkchop Bun which so well known there?


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