Flying in a private plane

flying in Virginia-015
I’ve always imagined a lifestyle of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” but I’ve never found a partner to indulge my illusions of grandeur. When my friend John offered to take me flying in his plane I thought this was my chance to finally fly in a private plane.

On a beautiful Sunday morning Sha and I drove to the Stanley F. Caulkins Terminal Building at the Leesburg Executive Airport in Leesburg, Virginia where John’s plane was parked.
flying in Virginia

John has been taking flying lessons at the Aviation Adventures flight school. He assured me he has flown enough hours for me not to need additional life insurance.
flying in Virginia-001

My heart rate when boom, boom, boom when I saw this plane, “Is this your place John?” “No silly! My plane is over there….” 😦
flying in Virginia-002

flying in Virginia-003

This is John’s plane.
flying in Virginia-004

“ahh… John? Can we all fit in there?” “Of course! It seats 4 adults.”
flying in Virginia-005

I got to sit in front and be John’s co-pilot. Not that I was allowed to touch anything.
flying in Virginia-006

flying in Virginia-007

flying in Virginia-008

John had to do a pre-flight check before we could take off. He was very meticulous in ticking off each and every task on this screen while I was freezing my *ss off. It’s a good thing Sha assured there was heater in the plane as soon as we take off.
flying in Virginia-010

Actually John assigned me an important task. I had to look at this screen in front of me and look if there are planes near us either above or below.
flying in Virginia-013

Look at all the cookie cutter houses in the area.
flying in Virginia-011

We saw large tracts of land with a few houses here and there.
flying in Virginia-012

“Are you sure you can’t flip the plane or do a roll?”
flying in Virginia-014

flying in Virginia-016

More green, lots of green.
flying in Virginia-017

flying in Virginia-018

After an hour and a half of easy flying and holding my bladder for the last 30 minutes of the flight I was glad to touch down. It was fun and painful at the same time. Getting to the bathroom was the highlight of the day. Whew!
flying in Virginia-019

Thanks for the wonderful experience John! I really enjoyed flying in your plane. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I’d get to ride in a private plane that will take me across the world and check in the penthouse suite.

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