Dim Sum at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Chuk Yuen dim sum -Chinese sausage 'lap cheong' bun
If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant is my favorite place for dim sum in Hong Kong.

It’s the first place we eat at when we arrive in Hong Kong and it’s the last meal we have before going to the airport. You can search my blog for all the posts on Chuk Yuen.

Each time we go to Chuk Yuen they have new offering in their dim sum menu depending on the season. Last December they had my favorite Chinese sausage in a bun. They normally have this during cold weather months only.

The sausage or lap cheong is fatty but the flavor is the best. It’s salty with just a tinge of sweetness. One bun contained pork sausage while other one used duck sausage which I love.
Chuk Yuen dim sum -Chinese sausage 'lap cheong' bun-001
Chinese sausage ‘lap cheong’ bun HK$19

This plate of bok choy was my only concession to my diet. It was pretty good too!
Chuk Yuen dim sum - bok choy
bok choy

I don’t know why my mom loves these pan fried rice rolls since there’s nothing inside the rolls. You just dip them in a combination of hoisin and peanut sauce. I prefer the steamed rice rolls filled with barbecued pork or beef and mushroom.
Chuk Yuen dim sum - rice rolls
fried rice rolls

This was another new dumpling on their menu.
Chuk Yuen dim sum -steamed shrimp & pea shoot dumpling
steamed shrimp & pea shoot dumpling HK$22

Pea shoots or tao (dow) miao is a delicious vegetable not always available. I could taste the delicate flavors of the pea shoots in this dumpling. Excellent combination!
Chuk Yuen dim sum -steamed shrimp & pea shoot dumpling-001

I need meat and I was curious what Kobe veal bones tasted like. It was darn good with bits of seared fat on the edges and lean meat near the bone. There wasn’t much in one order but I didn’t regret ordering this. A little guilty pleasure for an otherwise healthy lunch.
Chuk Yuen dim sum -pan fried Kobe veal bones
pan fried Kobe veal bones HK$25

Chuk Yuen dim sum menu
Chuk Yuen’s dim sum menu

Chuk Yuen dim sum menu-001

Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant
Basement, Hong Kong Pacific centre
28 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2722-0633

5 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

  1. Love dim sums very much the rice rolls San Francisco all tea houses do not have it at all only Canada and Hong Kong and other part of Asia.  Since reading your entries on Grand Hyatt restaurants and other I now getting cards for hotels and airlines.  I could not believe a great discount on many things.  Grand Hyatt restaurants 50% to 20% saving.  Not sure if I could use in San Francisco since live here anyway.




  3. I’ll definitely try my best to visit this place when I go to HK next month! :DI’d love for you to give me tips on where else to go for great food in HK, please. :DBabe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! :)www.babeforfood.blogspot.com


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