Mochicream at The Podium

Mochicream (Podium Mall)- orange cheese mochi P100
After my lunch at Madeca I was about to go down when I saw Mochicream, a Japanese sweets deli from Japan. I tried Mochicream the first time in Hong Kong and I loved it. Too bad their store in Sogo Causeway Bay has closed and I don’t know where their store is located now. I’m happy that it’s now in Manila.

Mochicream (Podium Mall)

Don’t you just love their super realistic faux mochi display?
Mochicream (Podium Mall)-002

Mochicream (Podium Mall)-003

There are so many flavors that I wanted to try.
Mochicream (Podium Mall) menu
Mochicream menu (click to enlarge)

Mochicream (Podium Mall)-004

They keep their mochi in the freezer despite filling being cream and not ice cream.
Mochicream (Podium Mall)-009

The two sales ladies were amused when I quickly ripped the bag open to eat my mochi on the spot.
Mochicream (Podium Mall)-005

Naturally I asked for the green tea flavor first but they just ran out. Since I’ve tried the chocolate and cafe au lait flavors in Hong Kong I tried my next favorite flavor – orange and cheese. It was a good thing that the mochi was well wrapped in plastic because the exterior of the plastic was wet and had chards of fine ice clinging to it.
Mochicream (Podium Mall)- orange cheese mochi P100
orange cheese mochi P100

Even though the mochi came straight from the freezer it was easy to bite into. My first bite was heavenly. The strong flavor of orange burst on my tongue and I enjoyed the wonderful chewy texture of the mochi (made from glutinous rice flour) and creamy ice cold filling. I didn’t really notice the cheese flavor since I was ecstatic with the orange flavor. It tasted even better than orange ice cream.
Mochicream (Podium Mall)- orange cheese mochi P100-001

I ate the darjeeling mochi maybe 30 minutes later and it was still good although I found it sweeter maybe because it wasn’t as cold anymore? I liked the strong taste of darjeeling tea. I can’t wait to try their green tea mochi as well as the apple pie & caramel machiato.
Mochicream (Podium Mall)- darjeeling mochi P80
darjeeling mochi P80

Take note that Mochicream is different from Mochi Creme located one level below which sells mochi filled with ice cream. I’d choose Mochicream’s mochi over macarons any time.

5th Floor Podium Mall, 18 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong

SM The Block 
Robinsons Magnolia

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