It’s my blog’s 4th year anniversary!

Party Cake
Happy Anniversary to me!!! I actually have an alarm on my phone to remind me of this date. Time goes by so fast and I can’t believe it’s actually been four years since I started blogging.

My friend Elisa always tells me I have ADHD since I flit from topic to topic when conversing with her and others. You should see how I use my iPad. One minute I’m reading an ebook the next I’m playing Candy Crush Saga only to switch to Zite to read up on news and recipes. This is why I myself am amazed that I continue to update this blog regularly considering my short attention span.

2012 was an excellent year for food and travel although it was also the year that i will never forget since a multitude of non-life threatening health problems cropped up one after the other (is it old age?). I want to thank ALL my doctors who patiently answered my oft repeated question, “when can I travel?”

Despite all these physical obstacles it didn’t slow down my travel even though some days the pain in my knees and feet almost made me give up. Even with 3 different surgeries (eye and knee) the will to travel and eat still conquered. My health is much better now so I foresee more travel in 2013.

I hope all my readers old and new will continue to follow my food and travel adventures. Thanks for being a part of my blog.


26 thoughts on “It’s my blog’s 4th year anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary Leslie and many more anniversaries to come. Will continue to follow your food and travel blogs as you never fail to update us with many of your interesting discoveries. Wish you good health.. as health is wealth. More power.


  2. Happy anniversary Leslie! Been following your blog for years and it’s been one of my top reads! Thanks for always sharing your new finds 🙂 more power to you and your blog!


  3. Happy 4th Blog Anniversary and more to come! You’re doing a good job here with your good food photos and even better food stories. Keep it up, Leslie! 🙂


  4. Cheers! Happy anniversary! Reading your blog makes my downtime very interesting and destressing. I trust your verdict on food and restaurants.


  5. Happy anniversary! Made the best decision to try Chuk Yuen..when i went to HK last week.. It was because of your numerous posts about it. Super thanks! 🙂


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