Lunch at Mu Noodle Bar

dong bo buns P240
I’ve written about my love for mu noodle bar before but believe it or not last week was the first time I’ve eaten at their restaurant. All my other meals were take aways. My lunch at home the past 3 Sundays was food from Mu.

A trip to this gem tucked near the corner of Wilson St. and P. Guevarra is definitely worth a visit. You will definitely be going back over and over again once you’ve tried their amazing food.
Mu Noodle Bar

Mu Noodle Bar menu

There were four of us for lunch. All of us were women in case you wonder about the quantity of food we ordered. Two were Mu newbies who wanted to try everything in the menu.

One of the best things I like about Mu is how they take typical Chinese dishes and take it out of the box and giving it a new spin. In this dish they combined the components of dong bo pork (soy glazed pork belly) and cua pao. Instead of bread or cua pao they used fried matou (siopao w/o filling) and served it in a deconstructed form. I just wished the pork was less bland but it actually tasted fine when I added the mustard and ground peanuts with sugar.

With the first dish my friends were already gushing with praise.
dong bo buns P240-001
dong bo buns P240

Hoti is fried seaweed commonly used in Chinese fresh lumpia. It was genius of them to use it to coat shrimp. The flavors of hoti were amplified as a super crunchy coating. I must warn you though it’s an acquired taste. Some kids may not like it. They will surely like the sweeter cereal coated prawns. An extra treat was the fried ginger slices that my friends ate with gusto.

8 pieces of medium sized prawns for P350 only!!! That’s a great deal!
cereal & hoti prawns P350
cereal & hoti prawns P350

I would never have ordered the gabi cake since I hate/detest/dislike gabi (taro). Deb ordered this since she loves gabi cake. I was surprised to see it wasn’t anything like I expected. She forced me to try it and I am now a convert since it didn’t taste like taro at all. I would describe the thin slices of gabi cake as savory tikoy. It had a chewy consistency similar to mochi. The addition of shrimp, peanuts and a side of raw garlic made it truly a special dish.
gabi cake P400
gabi cake P400

YOU HAVE TO ORDER the beef fried rice. Deb said she doesn’t really like fried rice but conceded that it was pretty amazing fried rice. It looked deceptively simple but trust me, you can eat this without any viands and be happy.
beef fried rice P200
beef fried rice P200

Naturally I had to let my friends try my all time favorite dishes at Mu. The next three dishes are always in my MUST ORDER list.
red lamb curry P260
red lamb curry P260

Sometimes their black ho fan with seafood in squid ink sauce is good. Sometimes it’s spectacular. Last week at lunch it was somewhere in between.
black ho fan P220
black ho fan P220

If you like the radish cake at dim sum you will love this cubed version laced with spicy X.O. sauce.
X.O. radish cake P200
X.O. radish cake P200

I didn’t find anything I wanted to try in the dessert menu but the frozen tarragon tea intrigued me so we all shared one glass which they split for us. It was a unique and refreshing drink. You can really taste the tarragon (one of my favorite herbs) but it wasn’t overpowering.
frozen tarragon tea P80
frozen tarragon tea P80

We ordered so much food and our bill was only P2,000!!! We had lots of leftovers which Pat gladly took home for her dinner.

Needless to say my friends loved the food at Mu. Deb and Elisa enjoyed the food so much they actually ordered the fried rice, shrimp, gabi cake and lamb curry to take home for their own families to try.

Mu Noodle Bar menu-001
mu noodle bar menu

Mu Noodle Bar menu-002

Mu Noodle Bar menu-003

mu noodle bar
197 Wilson St., San Juan, Philippines
telephone: 451-2681
cellphone: 0917-807-4057/02

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Mu Noodle Bar

  1. I can’t wait to visit their Glorietta 2 branch. My significant other would love the Black Hofan and XO Radish Cake. Thanks for posting the prices!


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