Peking Garden at Greenbelt 5

We finally ate at Peking Garden’s branch at Greenbelt 5. They opened their new location last December 2009. The place was packed that Sunday. function rooms Check out the detailed decorative woodwork surrounding the lights. Even the aircon vents were decorated. This was our set menu. Several items I’ve already featured before but I wasContinue reading “Peking Garden at Greenbelt 5”

Sunday Lunch at Peking Garden Restaurant

The food featured here are from 2 consecutive Sundays when we ate at Peking Garden in Trinoma. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there and I’ve missed the fabulous appetizers that they’re known for.spicy wanton wrapper crisps sea blubber P280 deep fried beancurd cubes w/ minced meat P320 shredded chicken in chili sauce P280Continue reading “Sunday Lunch at Peking Garden Restaurant”

Lunch at Peking Garden

Next to Choi Garden this is our favorite Chinese restaurant. jumping fountains all around Trinoma Mall free appetizer – Spicy Wonton skin Cold Cuts – Butterfly Fish, Thinly sliced Pork, White Chicken and Veggie I was about to eat this when Vivian asked me “why did you call your blog Shoot First, Eat Later?” IContinue reading “Lunch at Peking Garden”

Christmas party catered by Choi Garden

Last night I attended a Christmas party at a friend’s house. The food was catered by Choi Garden, my favorite Chinese restaurant in Manila.  I didn’t even know they did catering. That’s 10 Peking ducks in the picture. They did the cooking and prep work in the basketball court above the house’s kitchen. The foodContinue reading “Christmas party catered by Choi Garden”

Lunch at Peking Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

By this time I have been in the US for almost 3 weeks. Not once did I look for Chinese food. I’ve tried Chinese food in Virginia/DC before and honestly it wasn’t worth it. After checking in at Residence Inn it was already 2:00 pm and we were ravenous. We wanted food fast and plentyContinue reading “Lunch at Peking Restaurant, Williamsburg VA”

A Week in Instagram

With so many forms of social media around it’s confusing for someone in my generation. I recently got more proficient with Instagram which I found interesting and entertaining. With one post on Instagram I can also share my pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I also discovered several fascinating people sharing their talents and artistry.  HereContinue reading “A Week in Instagram”

By Location

Where to eat? That’s the question my friends always ask me. Here are the links to the restaurants I’ve eaten at compiled by location and type. updated: September 30, 2013 PHILIPPINES Where to eat in Alabang? Bulgogi Brothers (various locations) Where to eat in San Juan/Greenhills? Amici (various locations) 1 Angel’s Kitchen Annapolis Seafood Palace, 2 (now calledContinue reading “By Location”