Lunch at Bistro On The Mile

Bistro on the Mile is the newly renovated coffee shop of Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Road. I was surprised how nice the place looked and how much food they had. I thought the buffets in Manila were a lot but this takes the cake. What was impressive with this buffet was they had so many varieties but only small quantities of each dish are put out. I guess this is how they ensure freshness. The buffet costs HK$198 for adults and 50% off for seniors. That’s a great deal for the oldies.

I basically skipped the whole appetizer area except for some salad. It was too overwhelming for me. Wait til you see the dessert section.

Hot dishes galore! (comments in parenthesis)

stewed ox tail (so-so)

pan fried chicken w/ potatoes & pistachio cream sauce

pan fried sole fillet w/ zucchini & tomato salsa (good)

boiled pork w/ lime, garlic & chili sauce

pad thai (yuck)

boiled egg w/ tamarind sauce

Indian chutney and pickles

fish tikka

paneer in curry sauce (yum!)

saffron rice

black chicken & pork soup w/ Chinese herbs

cook to order mushroom & choi sum (yum)

beef w/ choi sum

eggplant & bell pepper stuffed w/ minced fish

braised vegetables w/ glass noodles

soy chicken & roast duck (yummo!)

sashimi & abalone slices (yummy)
As if the food in the buffet wasn’t enough, they still have 4 dishes that you can order. We tried 3 of them and they are the best food in the restaurant. Much better than anything in the buffet.

braised pork belly

roast scallops w/ teriyaki sauce

shrimp patties

Dessert Heaven

brownie cheesecake, NY cheesecake, peanut cheesecake (all good!)

2 refrigerated displays of mini dessert

Below are pics of what’s inside the refrigerated display. Just click on the pic if you want to see a bigger image and drool.

any space for fruit?

help yourself to the tea and coffee bar

Bistro On The Mile
Holiday Inn Golden Mile
50 Nathan Rd.
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
telephone: (852) 2369-3111

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