Hey Handsome Restaurant

Bebek Penyet, Nam Tok, Kueh Dadar –  these words sound foreign and very unfamiliar to me. But the taste of the food at Hey Handsome were as comforting as eating Filipino or Chinese food. Hey Handsome seems like a strange name for a restaurant serving Peranakan cuisine. Peranakan or Nonya cuisine is a mixture of Malay, IndonesianContinue reading “Hey Handsome Restaurant”

Lunch at CHOW FUN Modern Chinese Bistro

This time I had to treat my co-workers for my birthday and I chose a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try right in my neighborhood. J. Abad Santos in San Juan is our little restaurant row with it’s ever changing tenants. Chow Fun is located right next to Tong Ren Tang and across Serenitea andContinue reading “Lunch at CHOW FUN Modern Chinese Bistro”

Recipes by Cafe Metro

Let me interrupt my posts on my recent trip to the US with this local restaurant I treated my office mates to last September for my birthday. I don’t know how I missed posting these pictures. The first time I tried Recipes several years ago was at SM Mega Mall.  My friend Rizette treated usContinue reading “Recipes by Cafe Metro”

Lunch at Cerchio

It was only fitting that I eat at Cerchio with Jane and Mila since I was with them too when I ate at Romulo Cafe, the sister restaurant of Cerchio. While Romulo Cafe served Filipino food Cerchio was a mish mash of Filipino, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Ivy Almario did a wonderful job converting thisContinue reading “Lunch at Cerchio”