It’s my blog’s 9th Anniversary + Denlim’s Kitchen Experience

It’s my blog’s 9th birthday and my gift to all my readers is a new post 😉. I blame Instagram and other social media sites for my neglect of this blog. It’s just so easy to post and write a short caption on Instagram than to do a single blog post that takes me hours.Continue reading “It’s my blog’s 9th Anniversary + Denlim’s Kitchen Experience”

Lunch at C’ Italian Dining

Last May our group of friends were treated by Janet in celebration of her birthday. She chose C’ Italian Dining all the way in Angeles City in Pampanga, a province 1 1/2 hours from Manila (that’s without traffic). We were all excited since none of us have been there although we’ve heard lots of goodContinue reading “Lunch at C’ Italian Dining”