Favorites in Manila

Recently my friend Eric whom I haven’t seen in a long time and who just found out I have a blog asked me what my favorite Persian restaurant, siopao, chocolate cake, etc were. That got me thinking and now I’m sharing them with you. These are my personal favorites. You may or may not agree so no hate mail please 🙂

These are for places in Manila. I will update this list as I discover more places and products.

New (07/14/14)

Favorite Pizza -Chorizo & Shrimp Flatbread Pizza at Todd English, Bianca Verde at Gino’s Pizza, Sopressata Picante at Motorino’s Wild Mushroom, Walnut & Blue Cheese Pizza at Nolita 
Favorite Rice – Crab & Chinese Sausage Fried Rice at Century Seafood, Paella Negra at Calderon
Favorite Shellfish – Elephant Clams at Peking Garden, Razor Clams & Sea Mantis Prawns at Century Seafood
Favorite Apple PieMentore Coffee+Bar, Catherine’s Pie’s, The Beehive Pastries
Favorite Cookies – Chocolate Chip & Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies at Wildflour, Cookies of GourmetFinds

Wildflour's Choco Chip and Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies
Wildflour’s Choco Chip and Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies

Favorite Chocolate Dessert – OMG at Todd English
Favorite Sans Rival – Pistachio Sans Rival by Delize
Favorite Coffee – Gibraltar at Toby’s Estate
Favorite Japanese RestaurantSensei Sushi, Sakura by Edo San

New (11/8/12)
Favorite Noodles – Seafood Ho Fan in Pumpkin Sauce at Modern China
Favorite Roast DuckAnnapolis Seafood Palace

Favorite Sweet & Sour PorkSummer Palace, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel (it’s really the best I’ve eaten anywhere! if it’s not crunchy complain to Nancy and she’ll have it changed)

sweet & sour pork
sweet & sour pork

New (4/18/11)
Favorite Fried RiceCentury Seafood’s Special Fried Rice, Jasmine’s Seafood Fried Rice. (I can’t decide which I love best. They’re all scrumptious!)
My Favorite Fried Rice in Manila

New! (2/6/11)
Favorite Private KitchenMama’s Table (Baguio)
Favorite Veggie dish/Tofu – Tofu Polunchay from Choi Palace and Choi Garden
polon tofu w/ sea cucumber & black mushroom

Favorite Duck dish – Shredded Duck w/ Black Pepper Sauce from Choi Palace
shredded duck meat w/ black pepper sauce

Favorite Filipino Dish – Seafood Kare Kare from Kanin Club
seafood kare kare

Favorite Chinese restaurant Choi Garden
Choi’s lobster in superior sauce

Favorite Italian restaurantC’ Italian Dining (high end) and Amici (low end)
risotto Kristina
C’s risotto kristina

Favorite Filipino restaurantKanin ClubC2 (primarily for their boneless crispy pata kare kare)
Crispy Kare Kare
C2’s boneless crispy pata kare kare

Favorite French restaurant –  Aubergine
Favorite Japanese restaurantInagiku
Favorite Korean restaurantYedang
Favorite Persian restaurant Arya
Favorite Spanish restaurantEl Cirkulo
Favorite Thai restaurant – it’s a tie between AzuThai and Benjarong
Favorite restaurantAntonio’s
grilled beef fillet, gratinated w/ wild mushroom, mashed potato
Antonio’s grilled beef fillet, gratinated w/ wild mushroom, mashed potato

Favorite Hot Pot placeChoi Garden 
Favorite siopao – Emerald Garden’s taipao
Emerald Garden's taipao
Emerald Garden’s giant taipao

Favorite burger – hands down it’s Chili’s burgers
mushroom swiss burger
Chili’s mushroom swiss burger

Favorite pizzaLa Nuova, California Pizza Kitchen (really!)
La Nuova Pasterleria - 11
La Nuova’s maremmana rustica – onions, Italian sausage

La Nuova Pasterleria - 13
La Nuova’s pizza due gusti – chorizo, spinach and mushroom

Favorite potato chipsRed Rock Deli sour cream & chili potato chips

Favorite dessert (take home)  – Arny ♥ Dading’s Peachy Peachy
Favorite chocolate cake – Nono’s Oblivion from Classic Confections
Favorite chocolate dessert – Bizu’s chocolate souffle
chocolate souffle
Bizu’s chocolate souffle

Favorite leche flanEstrelle’s 
Favorite apple pie – Sugarhouse’s French apple pie

Sugarhouse’s French apple pie

Favorite cheesecake – Dessert du Jour’s queso de bola cheesecake
Favorite sans rival – Gay Vasquez’s sans rival 
Favorite frozen dessert – Lugang Cafe’s shaved peanut butter ice
black sesame & peanut butter shaved ice
shaved black sesame & peanut butter ice

Favorite tahoTofu store
Favorite condiment – Becky’s Kitchen’s crunchy chili garlic, Alavar’s bagoong gata

Favorite Peking duckPeking Garden
Favorite soupCicou’s prawn bisque w/ sea urchin flan, Century Seafood’s buddha jumps over the wall soup
buddha jump over the wall soup
Century Seafood’s buddha jumps over the wall soup

Favorite foie grasJe Suis Gourmand
Je Suis Gourmand_01
Je Suis Gourmand’s foie gras salad

I hope this list can help you find your own favorites.What are your favorites? Share them with me on the comments section below.

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