Balesin Island Club – Costa Del Sol Village

If you’ve been following my series on Balesin Island Club, a members only resort in the Philippines, then you’ve seen my journey that seemed to be around the world when in reality I was just in an island paradise. We took a tour of all the 6 villages (1 hasn’t opened) when we arrived on theContinue reading “Balesin Island Club – Costa Del Sol Village”

Balesin Island Club – What We Ate at Balesin Village

Several years ago I went to Maldives and stayed at a 5 star resort. The place was beautiful but the food was shockingly expensive and  mediocre at best. Balesin Island Club can compete with the one in Maldives and the food is priced reasonably and quite good to boot. 

Balesin Island Club – Balesin Village

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you would have seen several pictures I posted during my trip to Balesin Island Club last weekend. I took almost a thousand pictures during my 3 day stay at the island and I will try to show you in detail what paradise in the Philippines looksContinue reading “Balesin Island Club – Balesin Village”