Lo De Alberto An Authentic Taqueria in Manila

I really like Mexican food but I’ve only had the Americanized version. You know the crunchy shell tacos filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese or my favorite nachos piles with cheese sauce and all kinds of goodies. When I read about an authentic taqueria in City Golf Plaza along Julia Vargas in Pasig City I filed it into the “must try” database in my head. 

I knew that they only had outdoor seating and that means no air-conditioning so I purposely went on a cool, cloudy afternoon a couple of weeks ago.  I went at 2:00 pm and found the small restaurant in the middle of the parking lot all boarded up. I didn’t know they opened at 4 pm. Luckily there was a lone employee who I begged to feed me since I was already hungry. She was so nice and agreed to cook for me as long as I paid the exact amount. No problem! 

Lo De Alberto-003

Lo De Alberto-004

Their chef, Balam Nazar, is from Mexico City and everything on the brief menu is housemade under his supervision. Well, everything except for the not so crisp tortilla chips they serve with the tacos. 

Lo De Alberto Menu

Lo De Alberto Menu-001

Lo De Alberto Menu-002

I had the pork carnitas on a soft warm corn tortilla that’s cooked upon order. The super tender smokey shredded pork was incredible! It was very flavorful in a subtle way. There was no strong spices just smooth meaty goodness. On my next visit I will try the the Hongo (fresh mushroom) quesadilla and pollo taco. This is the type of food I want to eat again and again. 

Lo De Alberto- Carnitas de Puerco P195
Carnitas de Puerco P195

Lo De Alberto- Carnitas de Puerco P195-001

Lo De Alberto
City Golf Plaza, Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig
telephone: 0942-6396771

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