More Whole Foods Market Love

This post is another reason why I love Whole Foods Market. Bear with me as I show you pictures that will most likely make you drool. After our first seafood meal at Whole Foods my cousin La who’s an oenophile (I had to look that up – a person who loves wine. In my mind IContinue reading “More Whole Foods Market Love”

Seafood Meals at Whole Foods Market

If you asked me where I had my memorable meal during my US last November was? My answer is Whole Foods Market. Sure I’ve had wonderful meals at Ruth Chris, Rasika and Zaytinya among many others but our discovery of the seafood restaurant inside Whole Foods Market was the most memorable and enjoyable. I’ve beenContinue reading “Seafood Meals at Whole Foods Market”

Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

I love happy hour! I love it for the cheap, good food more than the drinks. I was already quite satisfied with the food choices at PassionFish until Sha told me it was nothing compared to Ruth’s Chris happy hour menu. It’s been more than a decade since I last ate at Ruth’s Chris andContinue reading “Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris Steak House”

Lunch at Famous Dave’s

Ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been hankering for cornbread. I’ve even bought it at Whole Foods a couple of times. Cornbread is the main reason I requested to have lunch at Famous Dave’s. Cornbread is integral in Southern food specially with barbecues. Famous Dave’s is a popular BBQ restaurant chain found in 35 States in theContinue reading “Lunch at Famous Dave’s”

Dinner at Vit Goel ToFu (Lighthouse Tofu)

I thought I was too full from afternoon tea to eat dinner until they told me we were having Korean food. My appetite suddenly roared to life. Located at a quiet strip mall in Annandale, Va, Vit Goel Tofu was a very unassuming Korean restaurant. The one page menu was brief and contained all myContinue reading “Dinner at Vit Goel ToFu (Lighthouse Tofu)”

Lunch at Ozzie’s Corner Italian

My cousin La and I went to Ozzie’s Corner Italian for a quick lunch because she had a free coupon for dessert. When we got there she realized that she left it at home. No worries I’m sure the food was going to be good since Ozzie’s was a part of the Great American RestaurantsContinue reading “Lunch at Ozzie’s Corner Italian”