Maria Louisa’s Garden Room

This was originally published on 9/28/2015. A couple of years ago anyone can eat at Maria Luisa’s Garden Room. I don’t know exactly why they changed the rules but now you have to be a member of Makati Garden Club to dine there. Thankfully one of my friends was related to a member so weContinue reading “Maria Louisa’s Garden Room”

Todd English Food Hall Manila

About 3 months ago celebrity chef Todd English came to Manila to open the 2nd branch of Todd English Food Hall. The first branch is in The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Imagine the hoopla this caused with Manila’s diners who wanted a taste of the TV chef’s restaurant. The lines were crazy long that’sContinue reading “Todd English Food Hall Manila”

Cucina at The Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas Manila

  I’m a very bad buffet eater because I usually eat the cheap stuff and I get full fast. My dad insisted I try the buffet at the new Marco Polo Hotel along Meralco Avenue in Ortigas Center. He’s the one who discovered it and he’s eaten there several times already. In short he loves it.

Le Chef at The Manor, Baguio City

You may wonder what we did in Baguio last February? We skipped all the usual tourist attractions like Burnham Park, Wright Park even the market since our vehicles didn’t have enough space for all the veggies we wanted to buy. We did go to Mines View not see the St. Bernard or the views butContinue reading “Le Chef at The Manor, Baguio City”

Lobster Buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Philippines

I’m not too keen on buffets because my tummy can’t catch up with everything my eyes devour. When Fran, who’s back in Manila for a short trip, texted me if I wanted to try a lobster buffet it didn’t take me a second to reply a resounding “YES!” You see, lobster is my favorite seafood.Continue reading “Lobster Buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Philippines”

Sunday Buffet Lunch at Spiral, Hotel Sofitel Manila

I’m not fond of buffets. Why? Two words – FOOD COMA. There’s too much food which confuses me to no end. I always promise myself not to overeat but even just a little taste of SOME food leaves me with a belly about to explode. My lunch at Spiral yesterday was the perfect case. I’veContinue reading “Sunday Buffet Lunch at Spiral, Hotel Sofitel Manila”