It’s all about CRAB!

It’s easy to throw a dinner party in your home. Just dial the phone and you can order all kinds of food from lechon, bbq, caviar pie, palabok, pasta, desserts for an instant party without doing any work. Now you can add these delicious crabs to your directory of goodies.

Sandra and I have a lot of common friends but I don’t personally know her. Our friend Arlene wanted me to try Sandra’s crabs so I went to her house for lunch. Little did I know my host was a Chinese Martha Stewart. Just look at her plating and even the rice wrapped in banana leaves.

She calls this Chili Coconut Curry Crab but it is so much more than that.

Sandra's Chili Coconut Curry Crab

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-001

The crab was cooked in creamy coconut sauce and it had a little heat and tons of flavor from the abundant garlic, shallots, ginger, lemongrass and whatever secret ingredients in it.

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-002

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-003

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-004

The best part was the extra bowl of sauce she brought out.

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-005

You will definitely eat a lot of rice with the crab and sauce. Super delicious!!!

Sandra's Lemongrass Crab-006

While I was still gorging on crab and rice Sandra stood up and said she’ll get dessert. I  thought she would open a box and bring out some pastries. When I turned around there she was in flambéing bananas for the crepe. I just had to ask if she made the ice cream too! So many months later I can still remember the whole meal clearly.

Sandra's Banana Flambe Crepe

To order Sandra’s Chili Coconut Curry Crab call 2 days in advance:
Sandra Ngsuy
cellphone: 0917-8168016
market price, pick up is near Greenhills

Another crab you must try is from Ley’s Kitchen in Pasig City. Angel Ley is from a foodie family that’s why she cooks so well. Among the food she offers the most popular are her crabs, Garlic Butter and Coco Curry Crab.

Ley's Kitchen - Garlic Crabs and Coco Garlic Crabs.__The_garlic_crab_

I loved both kinds but my favorite was the coconut curry crab. The curry wasn’t very strong just enough to flavor the rich coconut sauce and bring out the sweetness of the crab.

Ley's Kitchen - Garlic Crabs and Coco Garlic Crabs._Text_now___

I diligently picked out the crabmeat and ate it with fried rice and lots of coconut gravy. It was heavenly!!

Ley's Kitchen - Garlic Crabs and Coco Garlic Crabs.___

I brought a tray of Garlic Crab to my friend’s house and they all loved it too. It was so buttery and very, very finger licking good from the generous amount of garlic.

Ley's Kitchen - Garlic Crabs.___-001

Ley’s Kitchen
cellphone: 0917-8486689
Instagram: angelsley
market price, pick up in Pasig City

I suggest you try Sandra’s and Angel’s crabs. Both are fantastic and will surely shine in your party. Although both have similar coconut based crabs they have a different flavor profile so I suggest you try both so you can decide which is your favorite.

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