Hey Handsome Restaurant

Bebek Penyet, Nam Tok, Kueh Dadar –  these words sound foreign and very unfamiliar to me. But the taste of the food at Hey Handsome were as comforting as eating Filipino or Chinese food. Hey Handsome seems like a strange name for a restaurant serving Peranakan cuisine. Peranakan or Nonya cuisine is a mixture of Malay, IndonesianContinue reading “Hey Handsome Restaurant”

Melbourne: Coconut House

I had dreams of eating lamb and other Aussie food when I went to Melbourne instead I ate a variety of international cuisines. Staying in Melbourne CBD (central business district) we were surrounded with a lot of Asian, Greek and Italian restaurants. I love milk tea and their teh tarik was strong and authentic. hotContinue reading “Melbourne: Coconut House”

Lunch at Nasi Lemak

When I came back from the USA last August, Nasi Lemak was the first restaurant I ate at with my friend Tisay who was in town from Hong Kong. I really like Singaporean food but haven’t found any good ones in Manila. I’ve read in several blogs that Nasi Lemak is authentic so I decidedContinue reading “Lunch at Nasi Lemak”