Lo De Alberto An Authentic Taqueria in Manila

I really like Mexican food but I’ve only had the Americanized version. You know the crunchy shell tacos filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese or my favorite nachos piles with cheese sauce and all kinds of goodies. When I read about an authentic taqueria in City Golf Plaza along Julia Vargas in Pasig CityContinue reading “Lo De Alberto An Authentic Taqueria in Manila”

Nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop

Have I ever mentioned before that I love nachos ☺?  I’ve read mixed reviews about Heramanos Taco Shop but I had to try their nachos myself and be the judge. I pass by Granada Avenue every Tuesday and it was only last week that I finally noticed Hermanos Taco Shop. My eyes seem to always focusContinue reading “Nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop”

Joe Nachos at SM Megamall

Sometime I fear going to SM Megamall because I always discover something new to eat. Sometimes I can resist it but this time I didn’t even think twice. Nachos are one of my favorite foods. It’s definitely my favorite Mexican food. I don’t even remember why I went to SM Megamall but as soon asContinue reading “Joe Nachos at SM Megamall”

Dinner at Órale! Taqueria Mexicana

I’ve been wanting to try the food at Órale! for the longest time but somehow it always slips my mind with all the new restaurants popping up here and there. It was a miracle that I finally remembered it a few weeks ago. The menu was your typical Mexican fast food menu but they hadContinue reading “Dinner at Órale! Taqueria Mexicana”

Lunch at Madeca at The Podium

Yesterday I went to The Podium for a simple errand for my cousin Sha who asked me to buy her a few bottles of squid ink from Terry’s Selection. This quick shopping trip led me to the 5th floor for lunch at Madeca. Madeca is located at the 5th floor cinema level of The PodiumContinue reading “Lunch at Madeca at The Podium”