Todd English Food Hall Manila

About 3 months ago celebrity chef Todd English came to Manila to open the 2nd branch of Todd English Food Hall. The first branch is in The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Imagine the hoopla this caused with Manila’s diners who wanted a taste of the TV chef’s restaurant. The lines were crazy long that’sContinue reading “Todd English Food Hall Manila”

Wildflour Cafe on Happy Tuesday

Most Tuesdays I have lunch with three good friends. It’s the day that I put my diet on hold because after lunch we would have dessert and merienda before calling it a day. We usually try new restaurants but this time we revisited an old favorite to try their new dishes. 

A Couple of Restaurant Revisits and Favorite Food Finds

I have eaten at several restaurants once. There are only a few places that I’ve been back twice or more and even lesser restaurants that I want to return again and again. These two restaurants are ones are ones that I don’t mind going back over and over again.

Lunch at Apartment 1B Rockwell

Last month I had minor eye surgery at Asian Eye Institute¬†and it involved fasting from food and water for many, many hours. As soon as I left AEI I needed comfort that only food can provide so my mom and I went to Apartment 1B for a quick lunch since I was supposed to beContinue reading “Lunch at Apartment 1B Rockwell”

Dinner at BBQ Republic

For the past couple of months every time I passed by Wilson St. or whenever I go to Animal House I’d see the sign of BBQ Republic. From the logo I surmised it would be one of those chicken / pork barbecue with java rice kind of place. When I went there a week agoContinue reading “Dinner at BBQ Republic”

Lunch at ‘Cue Modern Barbecue

When I go to out of the country I insist on only eating that country’s cuisine. When we went to Spain all we had was Spanish food. Makes sense right? But in Manila I want to eat different kinds of food and it’s a good thing that new restaurants keep opening with new and improvedContinue reading “Lunch at ‘Cue Modern Barbecue”