Pan de Manila

If there’s such a thing as a national bread then it’s pandesal for the Philippines. Pandesal is the most popular bread in the Philippines. It can be found in any corner bakery to specialty chains like Pan de Manila.

Pan de Manila’s pandesal are baked daily inside old-style brick ovens or “pugon”.

Pandesal used to come in just one kind. Now it comes in several varieties like whole wheat, cheese and cheese pesto flavors.

Pan de Manila’s paper bag

Pan de Manila’s breads don’t have preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. They are also bromate-free and trans-fat free making them a healthy source of bread. Pandesal is best eaten toasted and filled with any kind of filling you want. Popular fillings are adobo, corned beef, cheese, butter or anything you can imagine.

regular, pesto and chesse pandesal

Pan de Coco is one of the favorite bakery breads in the Philippines. It has a filling of dessicated coconut and brown sugar.

pan de coco

Pan de Manila also sells many other kinds of breads, spreads and pandesal fillings like coco jam, peanut butter, sardines and garlic butter.

macapuno tart P55 brownies P48

chocolate marble loaf P18

mamon P13

cheese pandesal P13

classic Spanish bread P18

pan de ube P18

pan de coco P18

monggo ensasymada P18

plain ensaymada P15

tostado P48

cheesesticks P50

pesto cheesesticks P52

cheese pesto pandesal P13/P60

sugar free wheat pandesal P55

raisin bread P43

whole wheat loaf P43

tasty half loaf P26

coco jam

peanut butter

chocolate con leche

caffe con leche


fruit jam

Pan de Manila
26 Missouri St.
cor. Nevada St.,
Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-2958

34 thoughts on “Pan de Manila

  1. i love the pan de coco, pan de sal and pesto wheat loaf from PAN DE MANILA! my sis buys the ensaymada all the time!i’ll try the choco marble loaf and peanut butter next time.


  2. I’m loving their crunchy peanut butter 😎 we always buy pan de sal from Pdm, also the pesto wheat loaf which is so yummy.And hey, I just had their macapuno tarts for breakfast… it’s not too sweet and the crust is flaky & not too soft (coz i hate it when it gets durog while you eat it) 😀 I finished 2 pcs. tuloy! LOL.


  3. i worked at night, after my shift i always buy 15 pcs of freshly baked pan de manila /pandesal, hot baby, i really loved their pandesal! the peanut butter and the coconut jam are my favorite spread, or i can just dip my pandesal to my fresh milk! i really loved it, after feeding myself its time to sleep , oh by the way ill save a few pandesal for my merienda! hahahah …. i loved pan de manila!, i loved the pasig ortigas branch, and the edsa central branch! 😀


  4. pan de manila is the best for hot pandesal,but i dissapointed this morning,4am.i bought a pandesal here in mindanao ave. Q.C. branch,they gave me cold pandesal.i ask them why is it cold,they said, they dont have hot pandesal!so i decided to return my order.i cant imagine 4 in the morning they are selling cold pandesal.




  6. I cannot find the Website where all the branches of Pan de Manila are listed specially here in Mandaluyong. Anybody who can share please? Thanks a lot


  7. Attention: Ms. Cindy of Pan De Manila   Dear Ms. Cindy,           We are interested to purchase your sardines in olive oil at wholesale. And we will be opening a health and wellness store this August. In line with this, may we request you to please send us the price of that mentioned product, discounts and terms if any, and other related information. Please E-mail me at or call 09324633732, otherwise at 6974089. Also, may we request to your sales representative to meet us in person next week, so we are able to ask other details about your product ( especially my boss ), before we made an order.        Thank you very much for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon.                                                                                                                  Yours Truly,                                                                                                         Joseph Ray Z. Dela Cruz […]


  8. Pan de Manila has always been a favorite. Until now. This morning bought pan de sal at San Pablo Puregold Pan de Manila branch. THey heated it up and all. but pag-uwi ko sa bahay half cooked pa! The dough inside was not well cooked! Shit! Then I returned it they didn’t accept it. I am going on a crusade! 


  9. badtrip tong pan de manila na to, pag tingin ko sa loaf may nakadikit na tae ng daga (maliit). sabi ko sa mom ko isauli nya kaso ayaw nya naman. tapos kinuwento nya sakin yung sister ko daw minsan bumili ng loaf meron naman ngatngat ng daga..  ano ba tong pan de manila dapat hindi na to mag-operate kasi bagsak na agad sa sanitary control.. abad santos branch yung tinutukoy ko… sana may makabasa ng comment na to sa management nila kasi wala silang website na pwedeng mapagpasahan ng reklamo.. >:o


  10. i was so dissapointed sa cashier na nagbagsak ng sukli ko when i bouth pandesal last two weeks ago! it was actually 2nd time na hindi maganda ang approached nya! cashier code # 003 that was arround 2am! It place at munoz branch at  the back of walter mart…. please paki gawan ng aksiyon ang concern ko!!!


  11. This morning, I am craving to eat hot pandesal and Im happy that there’s pan de Manila near my place. It’s in California Garden Square in Mandaluyong. But my craving went to a disappointment and frustration. They gave me a cold pandesal, i think colder than a cat’s nose. I asked the lady in the counter if there’s a hot pandesal. She said none, they are selling it only in the morning. I said how come your store don’t sell hot pandesal, it’s my 5th time to buy in your store and I havent got any hot pandesal. All the pan de manila i know serves hot pandesalt. I dont know where to report this. They are cooking all their pandesal early in the morning and storing it in their storage after and they dont bother or offer to reheat it even customers request for it. grrrr….


  12. Pan de Manila is a franchising store di ba? would you know someone we can report to if we have complaints? – like they dont treat customers right.- serve colder than a cat’s nose pandesal- expired mamon-etc.


  13. SO SO SO ANGRY NOW…. i just back from shop Pan de Manila at Makati -Salcedo village  ( 10h00 pm 20/july/2011) … i bought a bread and peanut butter with 187peso but when i wanna pay, the girl said she don’t have enough change for me after i gave 1000peso. She do the face like I need to begging for the bread and that i gave 1000p is my problem… Then i asked her so how? she just shake her head n show me her ugly lips to mean no money to change back and I can’t buy the bread….wtf…why so funny…big brand and big shop and 24/24 is much have money to change back…I sure will ban this shop and tell my friends those stay near to not buy from this shop at the way she treat me so so funny…


  14. hi, my dad would like to franchise a pan de manila, do you know where i could find a site that will help me to contact them, any phone numbers, site or email address? thanks, hoping for a reply…


  15. hi gud day,i was a cashier before in the pdm,dapat mgkaroon n cla ng website kc mdmi n clang customer at kung gus2 nilang maimprove ung service nla dpt inaalam nla ung concern ng mga customers nla,..nkakalungkot kc mrming my gus2 s pandesal nla but bcos of small things dhil lng s wlang change s customer nadisappoint ang customer,sna cla ang mgprovide ng bills pra s mga cashier nla….pro pguwi q bibili agad aq ng pandesal and raisin loaf,,i miss so much yummy….


  16. this is alarming and perhaps we should report this to DTI… just to share… yes, i’ve experienced those cashiers who wouldn’t attend to you if they don’t have a change for your bill. another instance was when i needed to take a leak and pan de manila was the only establishment open… fortunately, the staff accommodated me (though with some hesitations) and made me use their washroom. it was relatively clean compared to a public toilet. when i stepped out that’s when i had a chance to take a peek at the work area. just the same it was relatively clean and organized but i saw a staff busy sweeping/mopping the floor with a mass of dough laid on the table — out in the open (no lining nor cover). but all in all, what disappoints me most is, i’m having LBM for 2 days now after eating pan de ube. =(


  17. I feel that their quality has declined. Their banana bread used to be super super moist and yummy. Now it’s just dry and very sugary. Not nice at all. Their chocolate mamon is terrible. It’s as hard as a rock. I’ve heard from friends that their pandesal is also not delicious anymore. I wasted good money and don’t intend to buy any of their breads anymore.


  18. I’ve been a Pan de Manila customer since 2007 and since they opened a branch at Festival Mall in Alabang, I would always buy wheat pan there because it’s the nearest branch from my workplace. I hate to publicly declare my sentiments over their staff in that branch. Each day I would be there to buy their pan de sal and I would always ask if they have hot or just even warm pan de sal, it’s either they would answer back lazily ( I don’t know if they’re tired or just don’t want to talk to me ) or with a frown. I am a teacher and I really feel bad with the reaction they were giving me each time I ask them. I can’t understand why their staff there could give us that kind of treatment considering that we are paying customers?!! All the sales ladies there are impolite. They do not have manners. At first, I was thinking they were just tired because of their many customers but when it happens frequently and at any given time even if there wasn’t even a single customer, I realized that they’re simply rude! Could you imagine what more could those women do if they are professional individuals and not just mere ” tinderas “? I hope that Pan de Manila owners could do something about their staff in that branch.


  19. Pan de Manila in Robinsons Imus branch never has hot pandesal, I check almost every day, even at different times of day and they always said, walang init, so disappointing.


  20. I patronized your product, and I am interested to become one of your supplier of fresh chicken eggs and in case organic white salted duck eggs..


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