My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience Day 1

Hong Kong Disneyland-1
Woohoo!! I went to Hong Kong Disneyland for the first time last weekend. It was a whirlwind 2 day stay but we managed to ride and see almost all the attractions.

My day started really early with a flight on Cebu Pacific that was really pleasant and on schedule. From the airport we went straight to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel where we were billeted for 2 nights. Click here for more pictures of the hotel.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-31
Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

After leaving our luggages in our room and snapping lots of pictures we took the hotel shuttle to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where we had a scrumptious Chinese lunch at Crystal Lotus restaurant. Click here for pictures of all the yummy food we ate.
Crystal Lotus Disney characters dim sum
Crystal Lotus’ Disney characters dim sum

I was so excited to go to Disneyland right after lunch. In my opinion February is one of the best times to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. The weather was a cool 16-18 C and there weren’t as much people as in summertime.
Hong Kong Disneyland

Here’s our group of bloggers and new friends.
Hong Kong Disneyland-2

Right after entering the park in the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad  at Main Street U. S. A. which we rode on the second day. It took us straight to Fantasyland. It was a nice and easy ride and we saw some animals from the Jungle River Cruise along the way.
Hong Kong Disneyland-3

We met our friendly tour guides Janice and Danny who took us on an exclusive and VIP tour around the park. We bypassed lines and got special treatment which was very unforgettable. If you want the same experience Disneyland offers this special tour service.
Hong Kong Disneyland-4

As part of the special tour we got reserved sidewalk space for an up close look at the colorful Flights of Fantasy Parade. All the floats were from different Disney movies and all had moving characters or live people dancing around.
Flight of Fantasy parade
Flights of Fantasy parade

Flight of Fantasy parade-1

Flight of Fantasy parade-2

Our next stop was at Adventureland where we took the Jungle River Cruise.
bloggers in Disneyland

Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise
Adventureland – Jungle River Cruise

It was a really entertaining ride for all ages. Our captain was a gregarious fellow who never failed to point out all the realistic animals and lots of special effects.
Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise-1

These ‘men’ on the tree actually moved and yelled.
Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise-2

Adventureland - Jungle River Cruise-3

Fantasyland - It's a Small World
Fantasyland – it’s a small world

The next ride was at Fantasyland’s it’s a small world where moving and singing costumed dolls representing different countries sang the same song in the local dialect. Here two Filipinas sang “maliit ang mundo”.
Fantasyland - It's a Small World-1

We also watched a live show called The Golden Mickeys with singing and dancing from all your favorite Disney characters and with appearances by Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Woody and Jessie, Quasimodo, Stitch and Mulan. It was fun seeing the host Cece change costumes and sing and dance in almost all the production numbers.
The Golden Mickeys
The Golden Mickeys

Our final stop for the day was the newly opened Toy Story Land.
Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land

The bigger than life props and grass made me feel like I was one of Andy’s toys.
Toy Story Land-1

There were 3 new rides and the most thrilling was the RC Racer. Only a few in our group dared ride it. Our host Danny explained that sitting in the 1st row will give you the mildest experience while the 5th row was the scariest. Naturally I sat in the 5th row with Jaclyn and Robbie. I was glad that the RC Racer went up the highest only 3 times. Any more than that and my tummy was starting to feel queasy. But I loved, loved, loved the Rc Racer!!
Toy Story Land- RC Racer
RC Racer

The Toy Soldier Parachute Drop was a more sedate ride perfect for younger kids.
Toy Story Land- Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

You can tell by all the strollers parked below that Toy Story Land is a must visit attraction for toddlers and kids of all ages. I also enjoyed the Slinky Dog Spin which reminded me of a more sophisticated version of the caterpillar ride of my youth.
Toy Story Land- Slinky Dog Spin
Slinky Dog Spin

Toy Story Land-3

Toy Story Land-4

Dinner was at Corner Cafe. My friend Elizabeth has been to Hong Kong Disneyland many, many times but she has never eaten at Corner Cafe because of the long lines getting a table.
Corner Cafe
Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe-1

We shared the Corner Cafe Cobb salad and were amazed at how fresh the lobster and smoked salmon were. The salad was really, really good. I just wish there were more lettuce. There was also pastrami and cheese slices, cubed chicken breast, hard boiled egg and avocado. It was really a complete meal in itself.
Corner Cafe- Corner Cafe Cobb Salad HK$188
Corner Cafe Cobb Salad HK$188

I never imagined I would find lobster in Disneyland and it was sooooo good! It came with fries, mashed potatoes or rice but since I didn’t want any carbs my plate was bare. But who needs those when you have lobster and tenderloin on a plate.
Corner Cafe- Surf and Turf HK$298
Surf and Turf HK$298

Everyone was excited to see Cheesecake Factory on the menu and almost all of us ordered this trio of cheesecakes. It had the same name but it wasn’t from the US restaurant that we know.
Corner Cafe- The Cheesecake Factory hk$98
The Cheesecake Factory HK$98

Sleeping Beauty Castle
Sleeping Beauty Castle

We had to interrupt dessert to catch the Disney in the Stars Fireworks show complete with music which made it even thrilling to watch.
Disney in the Stars Fireworks-1
Disney in the Stars Fireworks
Disney in the Stars Fireworks

Disney in the Stars Fireworks1

Good night Disneyland! I’ll be back again tomorrow. Click here for Day 2 of my Disneyland adventure.
Goodbye Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland
Park hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

General Admission Ticket (aged 12-64) – HK $399
Child Ticket (aged 3-11) – HK$ 285
Senior Ticket (aged 65 and above) – HK$ 100

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