A Day at Hamilo Coast

I was invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Hamilo Coast, a beachfront development located at Nasugbu, northwestern Batangas. It’s still a work in progress. This is what Hamilo Coast will look like when completed. Hamilo Coast is open to members only. (click to enlarge)photo from hamilo coast website We spent the whole day atContinue reading “A Day at Hamilo Coast”

Sherrie’s Birthday Treat

Our property leasing office has only 2 regular employees, Sherrie and Tina. We also have 2 bosses. It’s a tradition for the birthday celebrant to feed everyone on their birthday. Last June it was Sherrie’s turn and this is what she served. She ordered this giant bilao (container) of pancit malabon that could feed 25Continue reading “Sherrie’s Birthday Treat”