Sherrie’s Birthday Treat

Our property leasing office has only 2 regular employees, Sherrie and Tina. We also have 2 bosses. It’s a tradition for the birthday celebrant to feed everyone on their birthday. Last June it was Sherrie’s turn and this is what she served.

She ordered this giant bilao (container) of pancit malabon that could feed 25 or more. Sherrie also shared the pancit with the administration people, janitors, etc. in the building.

pancit malabon

She ordered this spectacular pata tim from Mey-Lin’s Pot and Noodle House. I already featured their cua pao before. The contents of the cua pao is this pata tim with the addition of ground peanuts and mustard greens. This was a very small pata tim so we didn’t share it with anyone else. It was so tender and it had the right amount of saltiness with just a hint of sweetness.

You can eat pata tim and its sauce on top of rice or put it in the cua pao bread provided. Any way you eat it it’s pure pleasure.

served with cua pao bread

pata tim or pork hocks or pork leg

refrigerator cake from Goldilocks

the whole spread

Mey-Lin’s Pot and Noodle House
SM Megamall
4/f Building A
telephone: 634-1261

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