FoodLoft @ Central Chidlom

After checking in our hotel we didn’t bother to unpack. We immediately went to the nearest mall to do some window shopping. We walked to nearby Central Chidlom department store. We weren’t successful with the shopping so we decided to eat instead. It was at least 6 hours since our last meal on the plane.Continue reading “FoodLoft @ Central Chidlom”

Lunch at El Cirkulo

El Cirkulo is one my favorite Spanish restaurants. Aside from serving consistently good food, they also have special dishes not found in other Spanish restaurants.¬† Eating good paella and lengua was on my cousin’s check list on her short trip to Manila. That’s why after picking up my two cousins and a friend from theContinue reading “Lunch at El Cirkulo”

Interesting Fast Food at Robinson’s Galleria

Robinson’s Galleria is another mall in Ortigas Center that’s even nearer to my store. We are lucky or unlucky to have 3 big malls- SM Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria and Shangri-la Plaza and 1 small one- The Podium in the area. Imagine the traffic jam when all these malls go on sale at the same time.IContinue reading “Interesting Fast Food at Robinson’s Galleria”