Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant

Hainanese chicken rice HK$56
I’m happy to introduce all my readers and future travelers to Hong Kong another ‘good and cheap’ restaurant in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tsui Wah Restaurant is located on Carnarvon st. right behind K11 mall. It’s just steps away from Nathan Road. It’s quite a spacious restaurant with two levels.
Tsui Wah Restaurant-001

Tsui Wah Restaurant-002

Where’s the salt?
Tsui Wah Restaurant-005

Tsui Wah has a really extensive menu with Chinese favorites to steak, pasta and lots of international dishes. Mostly we ordered from their top 10 dishes menu.

A big bowl of rice noodles topped with 4 large fish balls and 2 fish cakes for HK$30 is a really good deal and the best thing was it’s really good.
fish balls & fish cakes with rice noodles in fish soup HK$30
fish balls & fish cakes with rice noodles in fish soup HK$30

I didn’t want noodles so I ordered the combination of 4 kinds of fish concoctions and it was even better in my opinion. I loved the one made with bean curd skin the best. Plus there was lots of seaweed which I loved. I wasn’t so enamored with the fish soup since it had a heavy flavor of cilantro. I would order this again on my next visit. It should be included in their top 10 menu too.
fish combination & seaweed in fish soup HK$39
fish combination & seaweed in fish soup HK$39

The Hainanese chicken rice is their most popular dish and rightly so. The chicken was one of the best I’ve tried. It was very flavorful and extremely tender even the breast meat. The skin was thick and fatty so we didn’t eat that. The sauce wasn’t the usual ginger mixture but it was a bit sour and spicy. The rice was delicious but a bit hard.
Hainanese chicken rice HK$56
Hainanese chicken rice HK$56

Another excellent milk tea!!!
milk tea HK$16
milk tea HK$16

Tsui Wah Restaurant-003

This hot drink was not too sweet and good for the health.
red dates & longan tea HK$19
red dates & longan tea HK$19

Now I know why the place is always full when I pass by. Good and cheap, the perfect combination.
Tsui Wah Restaurant-004

Tsui Wah Restaurant
G/F & Cockloft, 2 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Business Hours
Sun To Thu : 07:00 – 02:00
Fri & Sat : 07:00 – 03:00
telephone : (852) 2366-8250
other branches


6 thoughts on “Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant

  1. Try this drink before the Red Date and longan and wolfenberry tea.  Ingredient for some people cause high blood presures.  Red date and wofenberry is some time good and not for all people.  Love food in restaurant and price great find.  Not strange food your father order in Taipei.  Did you try old fashion Chinese pastries in bakeries?


  2. Leslie, the entry on Taipei where your father order that strange dish with testicles were roasters testicles.  I want to head there next time to try it but deep fried  instead.  I also like to try night market grill chicken tails also.


  3. We ate here twice for breakfast during our last stay in hk. I agree, good and cheap. Can’t get enough of Tsui Wah so we had lunch here, too, once at their Central branch and at the airport before heading back to home sweet home 🙂


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