Lunch at Spoon

2.01.09 Last day in HK
location: Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

Last day. Spoon offered the best choices and value for your dollars.

the nice French manager

delicious soup!

Dessert is in the kitchen

Lobster Caesar Salad

my appetizer plate

Wine came with the meal

my high blood plate
(Foie Gras Terrine on the upper left side & 3 kinds of pate below)

Cocette of Seasonal Vegetables


Artisan Shell Pasta w/ Ham & Black Truffle Condiment
(my order)

my dessert plate

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Spoon

  1. Wow, they are not stingy on their pate servings either!Was the pork raw? to be eaten like beef carpaccio?BTW, I have that Domaine Rabasse Charavin but the ’05, not ’04. Predominantly grenache grapes. Did you try it? I thought it was ‘ok’ except for the cigar-like taste at the end. Hope you did not pay a lot for it, I bought it for only $11.Waaaah….kakainggit all your food!!!


  2. The wines were free! well part of lunch anyway. I didn’t even get to drink the champagne. The fresh orange juice was good too. By the time main course arrived I was stuffed. Which pork? The pate? No it wasn’t raw. It was surprisingly good.


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