Crowded House at Wolf Trap

Crowded House at Wolf Trap
One of my favorite things to do in Virginia is to watch a concert at Wolf Trap’s lawn section.

The first time La brought me to Wolf Trap a few years ago we watched the musical Rent. Last July I got to watch one of my favorite Aussie bands from the 80’s, Crowded House. I never thought I would ever get to watch them live since they disbanded for a while in the 90s.
crowded house at Wolf Trap
(image from

This is the Filene Center at Wolf Trap. Tickets near the stage cost around $40 but we always choose to sit in the lawn area for $25.

Sitting in the lawn area guarantees you won’t see anything on stage since there is no big screen. So why do we want to sit on the grass?
Crowded House at Wolf Trap-1

When you sit in the lawn area you have to option to bring your own chairs, towels, inflatable beds or whatever suits your fancy.You can also rent padded green chairs for $10 each. We did that this time because we forgot to bring our lawn chairs.
Crowded House at Wolf Trap-2

Crowded House at Wolf Trap-3
front act, Lawrence Arabia

The main reason why we sit in the lawn area is for the picnic we bring. Yes you can bring whatever food you want! As long as you clean up after.

We brought a bottle of white wine and some snacks. Isn’t that a great way to watch a concert?
Crowded House at Wolf Trap-5

Our meager but yummy food – crackers, cheese, chicken meatballs & flank steak. We also brought a small pie from Trader Joe’s for dessert.
Crowded House at Wolf Trap-6

Crowded House at Wolf Trap-7
La and me

Crowded House at Wolf Trap-8

This is how far my camera’s zoom would go. At least we got to enjoy the wonderful music of Crowded House.

La was surprised that the crowd knew the words to almost all of the hit songs and not just the popular ones like Don’t Dream It’s Over, Something So Strong, Weather With You and Private Universe.
Crowded House at Wolf Trap-10

Crowded House at Wolf Trap-11

Here’s a video of Crowded House taken the same night at Wolf Trap.

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

1551 Trap Road

Vienna, 22182

United States

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