Lunch at Caprice 2

The last time we ate at Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong was last January and it was the 1st entry in my blog. So hopefully you can see an improvement in the pictures.

Caprice is one of the best French restaurants in Hong Kong. But for us it’s always a hit or miss. The appetizers and desserts are always good. But it’s the main course that’s sometimes not so good. For this lunch there were 7 of us. We basically ordered only 3 different dishes.

the open kitchen

the view from our table

wild mushroom tart w/ young herbs &
shiitake coulis in aged sherry vinegar

Alaskan crab w/ tomato gazpacho jelly,
avocado mousse & oriental mozarella

This was my 1st main course. Why 1st? It’s because after one bite of the steak I decided I couldn’t risk my new tooth. I ordered the steak to be cooked medium so I was flabbergasted when it tasted like a Michelin tire. And it was supposed to be wagyu beef! So I complained and the nice waiter agreed to change my order.

On their site it says that Caprice is “One of only seven restaurants in Hong Kong to receive two Michelin stars”. Hmm I don’t think they should be serving a Michelin tire right?

wagyu beef flank & cauliflower gratin
in red wine sauce

This is my 2nd main course. I’m was so happy I chose this. The fish was soooooo good. It was thick and tender and perfectly cooked. The sesame crust added a nice crunch and slight nutty taste. If I can eat this fish everyday I would. I’d skip the green sauce though.

Chilean seabass w/ sweet spices &
charlotte potatoes in leek veloute

Elizabeth had these scallop raviolis and she said they weren’t good. She has bad luck with scallops in Caprice. The last time she ordered scallops they were so tough and rubbery I bet if she threw it against the window it would bounce all the way to the chef in the open kitchen. And yes there were only 3 pieces to an order.

Japanese scallop raviolis w/
seasonal vegetables & exotic nage

Lyn had the duck leg. It doesn’t look like much but she said it was good. I agree since she let me try a small bite. And it was soft and juicy unlike the tire- I mean the steak.

duck leg confit w/ paysanne potatoes &
spinach in natual jus

Caprice makes dessert look like art and taste heavenly. Their homemade sorbet and ice cream were extraordinary.

Of course I chose the brownest dessert. It was a perfect way to end lunch. The brownie was dense, the apricot confit was tart and the ice cream was smooth and creamy.

chocolate brownie w/ apricot confit
& cocoa ice cream

salted caramel macaroon w/ macerated
blood orange and carambar ice cream

exotic fruit napoleon w/ tropical vanilla
and pina colada sorbet

They also gave us free petit fours. Lemon macaroons and chocolate raspberry tarts. They were both fantastic.

only one of each kind per person pls!

set lunch menu

The Four Seasons Hotel
8 Finance Street
Central, Hong Kong, China
telephone: (852) 3196-8888

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