Dinner at Moon Chiu Restaurant

We trekked over to Whampoa Garden to have dinner w/ Tisay at Moon Chiu restaurant which serves Chiuchow cuisine. Chiuchow or Teochew cuisine isn’t as popular in Hong Kong as it is in Singapore or Taiwan. There aren’t that many that I know of in Hong Kong.

These fried balls are served with a sweet, soy based sauced. It’s very good.

moon chiew prawn & crab ball
fried minced prawn ball & crab ball HK$88
The Sichuan chili leaves are fried and very crisp. I only see this kind of vegetable in Chiuchow restaurants.

smoked chicken w/ Sichuan chili leaves HK$88

pan fried pomfret w/ salad sauce HK$108
I love this dessert. The one on the left is stuffed with mashed red bean while the one on the right has a peanut stuffing. Both yummy.

steamed sweet crystal dumpling HK$28
Moon Chiu Restaurant
Shop G6, G/F, Phase 2,
Whampoa Garden, Hunghom

telephone: 2773 9878

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