New York Fries in Hong Kong

I won’t make any apologies. I love french fries. I didn’t use to love fries until my nephew Ethan came to Manila and introduced me to fries. Ethan LOVED fries and had to have it everyday. So everytime he had fries from the fast food, restaurants and hotels I’d take a few pieces to help him finish it. Not that he needed any help. Sometimes he’d give me the evil eye when I got too much. So when Ethan went back to USA I missed him and his fries.

When I saw New York Fries in Harbour City mall in Hong Kong I knew I had to try it. The problem was when to eat it. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’ve eaten my way through Hong Kong. There wasn’t any time to get hungry. I never ate afternoon snacks or merienda the whole trip. Except after lunch at Hutong. I wasn’t hungry when we ate at Hutong and most of the food at lunch was veggies so I ate very little. So around 4 pm I happened to be at Harbour City and felt the initial growling of my stomach. I headed straight to New York Fries.

New York Fries is actually a Canadian franchise. Their first store in Asia is in Hong Kong. As the sign says their fries are cooked in sunflower and olive oil.

potatoes from the USA

This is the seasoning station. They had the usual salt, catsup, mustard, pickles, onions, tabasco and the more unusual malt vinegar.

They have 3 varieties of toppings. Small fries cost HK$30 while regular cost HK$37. Plain fries cost the same but the containers are bigger. For the veggie works and the works pictures I just took pictures of other peoples food. You don’t think I’d eat 3 varieties at once! All the pictures below are the small size except for the works which is regular size.

veggie works
cheese sauce, sour cream, green onions & tomatoes

the works
chili, sour cream, cheese sauce, green onions & bacon

I ordered the poutine. Ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain, from the tv show No Reservations, rave over the poutine he ate in Quebec, Canada I knew I had to try them. These fries don’t contain any fat or calories. I kept repeating that in my head while i enjoyed each and every bite.

premium cheese curds and signature beef gravy

At first bite I found it strange eating fries with gravy and cheese. The cheese didn’t have any taste. It just added texture to the mix. It did melt a bit and became stretchy and gooey like mozarella. The gravy was good and didn’t have the floury taste of some fast food gravy. It had a very beefy taste.

The fries were awesome. They were crisp and had no oily taste at all. The poutine wasn’t bad but next time I’ll just get plain fries and eat it with malt vinegar and salt. That way I’ll enjoy the wonderful fries without any goop to mask the flavor of the potatoes. Ethan will agree.

The restaurant only had 3 tables but it had the huge bonus of being located right next to an outdoor deck. This has the best seats in the house with the view of cruise ships docked at port and Hong Kong Harbour. Some people ate their fries here while enjoying the cool weather. When you need rest from all that shopping head on to this area and take a load off. There’s another deck down the hall but no restaurant beside it.
New York Fries
Shop 2602, Level 2
Gateway Arcade, Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: 3106-4686

2 thoughts on “New York Fries in Hong Kong

  1. Haha – you made me laugh with your references to Ethan and his fries.  Yep – he sure is still at those fries.  Although to help him lose weight, I’d order the smallest fries and dump a third of them.  Ok, I admit, sometimes I’d dump them into my own tummy 🙂  His current favorite is the Cajun fries at Popeye’s.  I am not a fry eater, as you know, but I always eat a lot of them (with malt vinegar) if we go to 5 Guys. Ethan loves a comfy chair and good views too, so this New York Fries place is definitely must-go for him should we take him to HK one of these days. 


  2. i love popeye’s fries too! but i can only eat that at Hong Kong airport. It’s been years since I had it. I miss it. Jollibee’s fries are the next best option.


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