Hong Kong Food Finds – Mochi Cream

I discovered Mochi Cream when I was wandering around Sogo. Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice. Mochi cream takes the regular mochi to another level by adding several Western and Asian flavors to its line-up.

all their flavors

These are only for display. When you order a mochi they take it from the chiller. I bought 2 pieces to try. I chose Cafe Au Lait and Chocolate. If you’ve never tried Mochi they are dense, sticky and a bit chewy confection with a filling inside. Fillings range from fruit purees to ice cream.

Mochi in gift boxes

The first bite brought ooohhs and ahhhs from my mouth. The filling is cold while the mochi not as cold. It tasted like ice cream inside but it’s not. There was a multi-dimensional taste with each bite. I stopped analyzing the taste and finished the mochi. One is enough for dessert. It was a bit filling.

cafe au lait mochi

So if you’re in Hong Kong do go to Sogo and try mochi cream. It’s a different treat that you will enjoy. Next time I’ll try caramel pudding and peach yogurt. I hope someone brings this chain to Manila since Royce chocolates, another Japanese brand, are a big hit here.

Mochi Cream (now closed)
Basement of Sogo Department Store
555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, HK
telephone: 2833-8338

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