Singapore Day 14 – Killiney Kopitiam, Bengawan Solo, SQ food Singapore to Manila

This was my last breakfast at Traders hotel. I had congee topped with pork floss, salted eggs, Chinese doughnut (you tiao), and fried shallots. The congee was totally devoid of salt or taste that’s why I loaded it with all those yummy toppings.

We spent the morning running around Orchard Rd. like headless chickens doing last minute shopping. We got back to the hotel with just enough time to jam our purchases in our luggages before Tecky arrived.

Tecky brought us to the airport and showed us all her muscles by being our porter too. Well, we couldn’t help her anyway since all our luggages were on the middle of the van while all of us were trapped in the last row. Why? Don’t ask. :p Thanks again Tecky!

I had my late, late lunch at Killiney Kopitiam at Terminal 2 of Changi airport.

Naturally I had my favorite laksa and iced kopi c (w/ condensed milk). It wasn’t the best laksa or iced kopi but it wasn’t bad for airport food.

I also bought the famous pandan cheese roll from Bengawan Solo to bring home to Manila. I like the semi dense texture and distinct pandan flavor of their cake. I finally tried a slice of their equally popular kueh lapis. I didn’t find anything spectacular or even interesting about it. I’ll stick to their pandan roll next time.

They had so many kinds of nut cookies and free samples to taste. I was so full from the laksa that nothing appealed to me.

Here’s the menu for our dinner on the Singapore airlines flight to Manila.

The chicken breast was surprisingly tender and juicy. Usually airlines murder chicken breasts turning them into rubber. Thankfully this was very edible.

pan fried chicken w/ herb gravy

Nestle crunch bar for dessert

That’s the end of our 2 week vacation to Perth, Margaret River and Singapore. We really enjoyed the whole trip specially the company and the food. Back to regular programming – Manila restaurants and food!

Bengawan Solo
Changi Airport
Terminal 2 North Departure
#02-00, PTB2
telphone: 6543 5016

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