Oishi Sponge, Plunge and Pillows

These products from Oishi aren’t exactly new but they just came out in party size packs with resealable zip lock. I immediately bought all variants since I only sell big sized snacks in my store, Small Office Solutions. The day I started selling these products they literally flew off my shelves. The bestseller is Oishi Sponge Crunch.

How do I describe Oishi Sponge? Think of a cluster of rice crispies soaked in cheese sauce or a chocolate bath but still crunchy. It’s wet but crunchy. I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s what makes this product amazing and quite mind boggling. When you soak a crunchy biscotti in coffee it immediately becomes soggy. But with Oishi Sponge you can feel and taste the moistness yet it remains crunchy.

Both flavors are very good except I wish the cheese flavor would loose it’s sweetness. It’s a Filipino thing wherein all cheese flavored snacks are a bit sweet. I like my cheese snacks salty like Cheetos.

Oishi Sponge in cheese & chocolate flavors

The second bestseller is Oishi Choco Plunge which are simply chocolate covered cornflakes. Sounds ordinary but these are my downfall. The first time I opened a bag I kept munching and didn’t even notice I finished the whole bag.

Oishi Choco Plunge

Oishi Pillows are similar to Chex cereal but they have chocolate filling inside. They also come in cheese, ube and peanut butter (my favorite) flavors. But only the chocolate comes in party size. These have been around the longest so it didn’t cause much excitement in my store.

Oishi Pillows

This is how I display it in my store. I also have it on the shelves but I can’t keep up with the demand so I have to display them on the counter too. I don’t know why Oishi bothers to put a resealable zip lock on their packaging since the contents never last long anyway. I dare anyone to open a pack and not finish the whole bag in one sitting.

Check your local supermarkets for availability.

2 thoughts on “Oishi Sponge, Plunge and Pillows

  1. This is one of my favorite chocolate chips with a bursting chocolate with every bite is an awesome feeling,, I always order this at goods,ph I love this delicious snacks that I always searching for 🙂


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