Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies

You know how much I love cookies and how happy I am to receive any kind of cookies. My friend sent me their newest variety from their Chips Delight line of cookies. She must have read my inner most thoughts when they made this triple chocolate overload cookies! I’ve always been a fan of ChipsContinue reading “Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies”

San Sebastian: Supermarket Finds

Whenever I go to a different country I make it a point to visit their supermarket. I like to see the products they sell, even the layout of the store and how it differs to what we’re used to fascinates me. Just a couple of blocks from Hotel de Londres was this really nice shopping areaContinue reading “San Sebastian: Supermarket Finds”

Regent Soft Cookies

There’s a new product out in Manila’s supermarkets, Regent Food’s Soft Cookies. I was sent a basket of all the Soft Cookie variants. You can see which one I opened first. These cookies were inspired by popular Japanese soft cookies. There are three fruit flavors -mango, strawberry and melon plus chocolate which isn’t a fruitContinue reading “Regent Soft Cookies”

Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry

A few months ago I received an email from Herb’s Best International founder Fannie Guanzon inviting me to dinner at her home.This is Fannie, my gracious and beautiful host for dinner.Herb’s Best Fannie Guanzon Founded in 2004 by Ms. Fannie Guanzon, it started out by partnering with a poor farming community in Nueva Vizcaya (aContinue reading “Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry”

More Whole Foods Market Love

This post is another reason why I love Whole Foods Market. Bear with me as I show you pictures that will most likely make you drool. After our first seafood meal at Whole Foods my cousin La who’s an oenophile (I had to look that up – a person who loves wine. In my mind IContinue reading “More Whole Foods Market Love”

Seafood Meals at Whole Foods Market

If you asked me where I had my memorable meal during my US last November was? My answer is Whole Foods Market. Sure I’ve had wonderful meals at Ruth Chris, Rasika and Zaytinya among many others but our discovery of the seafood restaurant inside Whole Foods Market was the most memorable and enjoyable. I’ve beenContinue reading “Seafood Meals at Whole Foods Market”

Bryan Flannery Burger Blends

I just love burgers! I’m so happy that burgers are allowed on my diet. I really don’t mind eating it with just veggies and no bun, cheese or dressing. I get to enjoy the flavor and quality of the beef even more.But what’s not allowed is buying ground beef. I’m supposed to buy lean beefContinue reading “Bryan Flannery Burger Blends”

Have you tried Dirty potato chips?

No, they’re not really dirty. Those are cracked pepper on the chips. Filipinos love junk food and one of the most loved is potato chips. There are several local and imported brands of potato chips in the Philippines and they are all selling well. I think the market is big enough for even more brandsContinue reading “Have you tried Dirty potato chips?”

Dinner from Wegmans Supermarket

It was another busy day for my cousin La. She had to ferry her kids from piano class to gymnastics to the dentist and many more. She didn’t have time to prepare dinner so before driving all around town she dropped me off at Wegmans supermarket and tasked me with buying our dinner. Wegmans isContinue reading “Dinner from Wegmans Supermarket”