Sunday Lunch at Green Maris Hot Pot

Green Maris Hot Pot is another popular place to eat hot pot in Greenhills. It’s actually owned by Gloria Maris restaurant which is right next to it.

This eat all you can hot pot promo looks interesting. I would order a lot of imported beef to make it worth it.

sauce ingredients

Since we were a big group of 12 we sat in a big round table which had two cookers.

lobster balls


taro and golden mushroom


udon noodles and beancurd skin

veggies and fried beancurd

The pot on the right had a two soups – sate and clear. The pot on the left which was near where I sat had only clear soup. I love their sate soup so I had to keep asking people across the table to get for food and soup for me.

marinated beef, chicken breast

This was what Elizabeth got for me from the sate pot. I swear I didn’t touch this.

It became more interesting when I turned my bowl. 🙂

The last time I ate hot pot it was raining and the weather was cool. When we ate here last Sunday the sun was out and we were sweating while eating hot pot. It felt like we were working out while eating. Hmm maybe we were burning calories as we ate? Yeh right. In my dreams! Nevertheless it was an excellent lunch.

Green Maris Hot Pot
Greenhills Shopping Center,
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan
telephone: 722-5508 to 10, 721-3504

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