Lunch at Chili’s

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know how much I love burgers. You’ll also know that I’ve tried several burgers around Manila. Some were good while others were disappointing. Elisa and Elaine told me that the best burger can be found in Chili’s.

I dragged Sergei, who jumped at the chance of a free lunch and my excellent company, to Chili’s. To be fair with my burger comparison, I ordered the plain Oldtimer burger without cheese. I always order a plain burger so I can taste the quality of the beef and not all the cheese and other toppings that also add a ton of calories and fat. I ordered my burger medium on a whole wheat bun.

oldtimer burger P280

The heel of the bun had mustard, pickles and onions -things I don’t like in my burger. So I flipped the burger and just ate it with the crown and the lettuce and tomatoes. I loved their fries which were thick, crisp, lightly salted, not greasy and still had their skin on.

At first bite I knew this was it. The burger patty was thick and made of 100% pure beef and nothing else. All it needed was a few shakes of salt and it was perfect. It was a tad dry but it was probably due to the lean meat. This is my kind of burger. It tasted like ground steak. I offered Sergei only tiny taste of my burger because I didn’t want to share. This burger was worth every peso. Some may say it’s expensive. I don’t think so.

Sergei ordered this smoked turkey sandwich with swiss cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. His only comment was it lacked mayonnaise. I think I left happier than him.

smoked turkey sandwich P395

Chili’s Grill and Bar
26 Missouri St.
cor. Nevada St.,
Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 727-2959

9 thoughts on “Lunch at Chili’s

  1. Chili’s is an American Restaurant that veers away form the notion that american food equals bland food. I like this place better than TGIF and Burgoo….way way better. The burgers are indeed so good!!! Wait till its World Hamburger Day..Chili’s usually  sells their burger at half the price.


  2. I’d like to suggest to you BBB (Big Better Burgers). They have two locations in Quezon City. One in SM North Annex, near SaveMore. But I suggest you go to their original branchat the 2nd floor of Shoppes, Victoria Tower in Timog (near Quezon Ave.). It’s much quieter and you wouldn’t have to wait for tables unlike in their SM annex branch. Their price is surprisingly low for the quality of lean beef they use. I know you like to try the burgers plain, but if you will have room for one more after your first burger, please try their jalapeno burgers. It’s got a little kick to it.


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