Balesin Island Club – Balesin Village

Balesin airport lounge

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you would have seen several pictures I posted during my trip to Balesin Island Club last weekend. I took almost a thousand pictures during my 3 day stay at the island and I will try to show you in detail what paradise in the Philippines looks like. 

I was incredibly lucky to have been invited by my friends Vivian and Jeffrey to go to Balesin. You need to be accompanied by a member to go to Balesin. Our trip started at a private departure lounge near the airport.  
Balesin airport lounge-002

Balesin airport lounge-001

Alphaland, the owner of Balesin Island Club, has two 19-seater planes to ferry passengers from Manila to their island. But last Friday due to the large number of passengers they chartered a bigger plane that had a capacity for 94 passengers. If I’m not mistaken there were about 90 passengers that day. 
Balesin plane

The pre-departure procedure took more than an hour but the actual flight took only 15 minutes! After the flight attendants finished distributing bottled water the pilot announced that he was preparing the plane for landing. Quite a few of us snickered with that announcement.
Balesin plane-001

Balesin Welcome Center-001

Balesin Welcome Center Balesin Welcome Center-002

Balesin Welcome Center-003

The main mode of transportation around the island was an electric golf buggy that was on call for 24 hours.
Balesin Welcome Center-004

Balesin is a 500 hectare tropical island paradise with 7.3 kilometers of pristine white sand beaches. Located 21 kilometers southeast of Polillo, Quezon Province and just 60 nautical miles east of Manila, Balesin is a quick 25-minute plane ride from Manila, yet is a world completely unto itself. Alphaland Balesin Island Club is your unique, members-only, private leisure getaway-today and for generations to come. source

This is the main pavilion and it’s connected to the Balesin clubhouse and there are rooms located here.
Balesin Welcome Pavillon

The resort has seven themed villages namely Balesin, Bali, St. Tropez, Toscana, Mykonos, Costa Del Sol, and Phuket. Each village has it’s own pool, villas and restaurants. I will feature each village in separate posts. 

This is the gorgeous pool of Balesin (Philippines) village with Lamon bay behind it.
Balesin pool

This pool was the biggest and longest among all villages.
Balesin pool-001

There were pockets of jacuzzi around the infinity pool.
Balesin pool-002

On our first night we stayed in Balesin Village. You can actually stay in a different village every night if you want. That’s what makes this resort very special. It’s like you’re having a vacation around the world.
Balesin Village

Balesin Village-002

Not all villas are right on the beach so you have to choose which one you want to stay in.
Balesin village-003

Initially we chose villa no. 12 which was right on the beach. This is the back of the villa.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12

From the huge daybed you get a direct view of the clear waters of Lamon bay.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-001

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-002

Each villa has it’s own private whirlpool tub.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12-001

The villa measures 100 sq. meters or 1,076 sq. feet. There’s a king bed and a single bed on the side that will comfortably sleep up to four people. The room’s rate is P10,000 per night irregardless of the number of people. You can even request for an extra bed. All the rooms in the resort cost either P10,000 or 20,000. That’s why it’s no problem to move to another room in a different village. I feel this is really a fantastic deal considering all the luxurious amenities in the room and the resort.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-003

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-004

Drink as much espresso and tea as you wish and it’s free.

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-005
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee maker

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-006

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-007
iPod dock speaker
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-008
extra bed
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-009
rubber slippers, room slippers, robes, umbrella, room safe

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-010

The bathroom spanned the whole width of the room. It’s one of the nicest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a hotel.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-011

The bathroom amenities were placed in this really nice black lacquered box.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-012

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-013

The water pressure was really strong and it felt like I was drowning when I used the rain showerhead.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-014

Right outside the shower stall was a large outdoor shower. Isn’t that fantastic?
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-015

The bathroom amenities were Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source line.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-016

One of my favorite features in the bathroom was this wall of robe hooks. You can literally hang your entire wardrobe there. Have you ever seen a hotel bathroom with 10 robe hooks?
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-017

The housekeeping pantry was also located inside the bathroom. It was supposed to be locked but since the door was slightly opened I took a peek inside. No, I didn’t liberate anything from the cabinet.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 12. 12-018

We later moved to villa no. 5 which had more privacy not that we saw any neighbors. This villa was about 10 meters from the beach so it wasn’t bad at all.

The villa was just a short walk to the clubhouse where we had breakfast. It’s also where the wifi signal was the strongest. There was no wifi access in the villas but I brought my pocket wifi with Smart Bro and it worked. It didn’t work in the other villages though. THERE IS NO GLOBE SIGNAL ON THE ISLAND. Only SMART has cell network in the entire island.

Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 5

We were able to see a family room just off the main pavilion.
Balesin Village family room

This 2 level clubhouse suite  costs P20,000 per night and sleeps up to 8 people. There were 4 single beds in the lower level and a king sized bed upstairs. They also had rooms with a reverse lay-out with the masters bedroom on the ground floor for older folks who don’t want to use the stairs.
Balesin Village family room-001

Balesin Village family room-002

The room had a view of the pool and Lamon bay. Staying here is also very convenient since it’s only a few steps from the lobby where the strongest wifi signal was. The clubhouse, two restaurants, video game. table tennis, billiards and karaoke rooms were located at a lower level. There was also a salon, souvenir shop and a cigar room in the same building.

Balesin Village family room-003

The master bedroom with a king sized bed was on the upper level.
Balesin Village family room-004

There’s also this big function room perfect for private parties. I’m not sure if they also served meals during the day.
Balesin sala

I woke up early on my second day and stepped out of the villa and saw some men exercising the horses. You can rent horses by the hour and ride up and down the beach.
Balesin Beach Club-001

We also discovered villa no. 3 which had a hut in front of it.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 3

This hut had bug zappers and electric fans. I can just imagine hanging out with friends here and drinking wine or beer until the wee hours or maybe until sunrise.
Balesin Beach Club - Balesin villa no. 3-001

Right after dropping our stuff in the villa we went to lunch and took a tour to see all the villages and the rooms. It took us four hours to finish the tour. Come back tomorrow for my post on the excellent meals we had in Balesin village. 

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Balesin Island Club
4330 Polillo, Quezon
telephone: (02) 846 6205
online brochure

7 thoughts on “Balesin Island Club – Balesin Village

  1. Wow this really nice. Too bad membership’s really expensive. Almost 4M and 60K annual dues. Beautiful pictures and scenery nonetheless


  2. wonderful balesin feature/photos! we were so blessed to have spent a few days in this island paradise just very recently. a very unforgettable experience indeed!
    do keep us updated, leslie, if ever you go back to balesin.
    btw, mykonos has the most awesome black-tiled infinity pool (the poseidon) with the grand view of the pacific ocean!


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