The Jackson 5 in Manila, 1976

The Jackson 5 came to Manila in February 1976 for a series of concerts called Love Jive, held at the Folk Arts Theater and the Araneta Coliseum. They  performed on six consecutive days. To promote their concerts they guested in the TV show called Student Canteen hosted by Eddie Ilarde, Bobby Ledesma and Coney Reyes. Thanks to Arlene and Rochelle for emailing me these pictures. 

Tito, Jackie, and Michael with Connie Reyes, Eddie Ilarde, and Bobby Ledesma

Marlon, Michael, and Randy with Connie, Eddie, and Bobby

Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Michael, and Randy with Connie

 Michael sang “one day in your life” 


2 thoughts on “The Jackson 5 in Manila, 1976

  1. The song Michael sang was ‘One Day in Your Life’.  The group was transitioning from The Jackson 5 to The Jacksons because their contract with Motown had expired. Jermaine, who stayed with Motown was not in this tour.  Picture 3 showed a very young Randy Jackson (not the American Idol judge) standing next to MJ. I was in 6th grade and my father bought the album ‘Joyful Jukebox Music’ for me kasi hindi niya ako pinayagan mapanood ang concert. The album credit said: The Jackson 5 featuring Michael Jackson. 20 years later, I got to see Michael for 2 nights for HIStory tour.  That was also the first time I met Sharon. Thanks for posting these pictures, they brought back good memories. 


  2. Hello, I am glad to find your site. I was feelng nostalgic earlier and I was listening to ” Got To Be There”. When The Jackson 5 visted Manila, I had some fond memories. It was a weekend at the park with my family and I was 13 that time. Then I saw them across the boulevard and we hurriedly crossed the road. and yes face to face was i with Michael and his brothers. No other fans around. Just us. He introduced his younger brother Randy. We had our photos taken together but I lost it. At least your photos indeed brought back memories. Thank you!


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