Balesin Island Club – Costa Del Sol Village

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-001

If you’ve been following my series on Balesin Island Club, a members only resort in the Philippines, then you’ve seen my journey that seemed to be around the world when in reality I was just in an island paradise. We took a tour of all the 6 villages (1 hasn’t opened) when we arrived on the island and it took us more than 3 hours to complete the tour. 

Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain known for their beaches. 

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-002

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-003

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-005

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-006

The Alhambra lounge looked like a really cozy place to relax and have drinks in at night. 

Alhambra Lounge

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-008

Instead of villas or hotel style like St. Tropez the rooms were housed in clusters of buildings like the one below. Each building would have 2-3 rooms so it’s good for big groups. 

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-009

This was a typical room that cost P10,000 per night and sleeps up to 4 people. 

single room

They also had loft rooms that can sleep up to 8. This room costs P20,000 per night irregardless of the number of occupants. 

ground floor with 3 beds
ground floor with 3 beds
second level master's bedroom
second level master’s bedroom

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-013

We had dinner in their Spanish restaurant. I was surprised that we were given a private room. The service was excellent. 

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-014

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-015


Elizabeth found my sangria to be too strong. Personally I loved the sweet wine and even ate all the alcohol infused fruits. 



I tried a spoonful of Jeff’s garlic soup and was instantly enamored. It’s something I would definitely order next time. It was light with a subtle garlic flavor and very tasty. 

sopa de ajo
sopa de ajo P210


Elizabeth loves gazpacho but she has never found one she liked in Manila. It was this gazpacho that had her in tomato heaven. Until the next day she kept mentioning how good it was.

gazpacho P190


The chorizo wasn’t the best I’ve eaten but it wasn’t bad at all. I ended up eating most of it with my garlic rice.



Even the plump shrimp was yummy with it’s perfect blend of garlic and just enough heat.

gambas al ajillo
gambas al ajillo P290


The cochinillo or roasted young pig lacked seasonings but a dash of salt or a dip in lechon sauce was enough for us to enjoy the crispy skin and tender meat. The meat along the breast part (?) was so exquisite it tasted similar to soft liver in texture.

cochinillo P4,900


You know you’re Filipino  when you order garlic rice to eat with lechon.

garlic rice
garlic rice


The trio serenaded us with Spanish, Chinese and English songs. It wasn’t until they sang songs by The Hotdogs, VST & Co. and The Boyfriends that I let loose and sang along. I blame the sangria!

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village-023

I was already too full for dessert but the churros con chocolate was too good not to devour. It was better than any churros I’ve eaten in Manila. The fritters were light and crisp. I just wish they didn’t sprinkle it with sugar when just cinnamon would have been better. The chocolate sauce was dark and pure and I literally drank most of it when the churros were all gone. 

churros con chocolate
churros con chocolate P180


I recommend you eat at their Spanish restaurant at least once when you visit Balesin. It I stayed longer I would have loved to try their paella and lengua.




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Balesin Island Club
4330 Polillo, Quezon
telephone: (02) 846 6205
online brochure

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